Local Instrumentation & Process Control Company Turns 40


This year, INSTROTECH celebrates 40 years in the business of providing industrial electronics, instrumentation, calibration equipment and solutions in the process control and instrumentation industry.  Founded by Dave Howcraft in 1981, Instrotech has evolved appreciably from offices in Kya Sands, to the Comtest Group HQ in Linbro Business Park, Gauteng, when Instrotech was acquired by the Comtest Group in 2010.


Pieter Deysel, Instrotech’s MD says, “Our core vision is to be the preferred and leading provider of locally designed and manufactured, cost-effective, high-quality industrial electronics and calibration equipment, as well as representing international manufacturers of high-quality equipment, for the process control instrumentation industry.”

“Talking about our local development and technology, Instrotech is constantly upgrading and renovating the product offering, ensuring the future longevity of the company.  This, in conjunction with our international suppliers, means we can give our customers the best innovative solution for their applications,” he added.

Barend Niemand, Comtest Group MD added, “Our paths crossed in 2009/2010 when Comtest acquired Instrotech and Calog companies, opening up a new market with new products, enabling us to use local innovation to better support our customers.

“I am very proud of the staff who make up the Instrotech Team – they’re hard-working, and having pulled through a very tough 2020, we can look back with pride at the tremendous support given by Instrotech’s staff.  Looking ahead, I feel confident we will be able to meet and adapt to market challenges, seize any opportunity that arises, so that all Instrotech’s stakeholders will reap the rewards,” he added.

The Comtest Group of Companies, which includes Instrotech and Calog, has always strived to create a working environment where their staff can grow and achieve fulfilling career paths. An excellent example is Joyce Adams, with 28 years’ service, who started as a ‘Girl Friday’ and is now an internal sales consultant.  Joyce has loved every moment of working at Instrotech, showing an interest in the engineers’ projects, and soon developed a talent for sales. Joyce is grateful to her mentors, Pieter Deysel, Hugh du Plessis and Dave Howcroft, who saw her potential and helped her grow within the company.

Part of the Comtest philosophy is to attract, employ and retain professional, self-motivated staff, and so provide a top-quality service.  A prime reason Instrotech’s top technical staff stay, is that they’re constantly involved in diverse markets and interesting solutions.  Even though Instrotech’s product range is finite, they are widely used throughout all industries, and in so many different markets.  A technician may find himself working in a client’s factory one week, mining and explosives the next, or at a company using infrared heating – or at a food company, helping to streamline the production of margarine.

Hugh du Plessis, R&D director, has also given long service at Instrotech, and along with Pieter Deysel, did their post-graduate, practical year at Instrotech as workshop technicians. 

Hugh adds, “I’m proud to have been with Instrotech for 19 years and to be part of the strategic team making plans for the future, designing and making new products. Now, with the backing and belief of our shareholders, it’s really up to us to drive Instrotech forward into the future.”

And what of Instrotech’s future?  Well, several new products featuring Instrotech’s innovation and product development will be launched this year.

  • Instrotech’s INSPECTA is a boiler protection system helping South Africa to keep electricity flowing and the lights on. Installed in the boiler, Inspecta continuously monitors sound to detect any changes which would indicate a steam leak within the boiler. This allows plant operators to identify the affected area and plot the progress of the leak for planned shutdowns.
  • Instrotech’s AUTO PURGE system is designed to ensure that the Inspecta pipe sets remain clean at all times. If the pipe sets are not free of ash, the boiler is at risk of a steam leak not being detected early enough for proactive action.
  • Instrotech’s new 9000 DIN Rail mount programmable isolated transmitter is faster, and better equipped to handle todays requirement.

So, it’s always a new and exciting challenge, serving the broad industry over a wide range of markets, and companies such as mining, agriculture, education, pharmaceuticals, fuels, petrol and gas, and food & beverage.

Leanne Cole, Comtest Group Marketing Manager, started 17 years ago as a receptionist at Instrotech, says, “Instrotech is keen to continue developing products and solutions to aid our customers.  Instrotech has stood by you for the past 40 years, and I’ll bet that Instrotech will be here with you for the next 100 years!”

Issued for INSTROTECH – Tel: 010 595 1831 sales@instrotech.co.za

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