Locally manufactured valves ensure dependable performance in harsh conditions


Abrasive Flow Solutions (AFS) – which was launched recently by the Engineering Solutions Group (ESG) part of Invicta Holding Limited – designs and locally manufactures a comprehensive range of FPV and KLEP slurry related valves that complies with stringent quality and safety standards.

The AFS manufacturing plant in Benoni is equipped with advanced equipment and is supported by specialists who offer dependable technical support, to ensure optimum safety, efficiency and extended service life of every system.


“The AFS team is committed to further improving the quality and pressure rating of our diaphragm valves that will lengthen their service life and reduce maintenance requirements. Our objectives are being achieved through the latest developments in design technologies, advanced materials and durable coatings,” explains Donald Morrison, General Manager, AFS. “Our highly-skilled team has a thorough understanding of the processes where valves are installed and is able to specify the correct valves required for every application and also assists customers in solving the problems of difficult installations and applications.

“To ensure optimum safety, efficiency and the extended service life of each system, the selection of the correct industrial slurry valve is critical. Valve selection is based on various factors, including the size and shape of particles, pressure, temperatures and chemical content.”

The AFS valves range is particularly well-suited for use in harsh conditions in diverse industries, including mining, chemical and petrochemical, water and wastewater, energy production and agri-food industries.

This range comprises FPV non-return valves, FPV pinch valves, FPV wedge gate and FPV knife gate valves, as well as Klep diaphragm valves and many other valves and related components.

AFS recently manufactured KLEP 250mm/10” high pressure diaphragm valves for use on a tailings pipeline in South Africa. These valves were manufactured and tested to 24 bar in the open position and 18 bar in closed position.

The full range of AFS valves is distributed throughout Southern Africa via BMG’s broad branch and distributor network.

Website: www.abrasiveflowsolutions.com

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