Lovato engine, generator controllers for voltage and current control

A range of engine and generator controllers from Lovato are distributed locally by ElectroMechanica (EM) for voltage and current control and engine protection. Features include programmable inputs and outputs and alarm properties.

The range of engine protection controllers allow for starting with or without a power key switch, with front LED indicators for engine alarm conditions and diagnostics. A range of standalone genset controllers are also available for engine control.

Automatic mains failure genset controllers allow for automatic generator start-up and load switching to a standby emergency power source in case of mains failure. Other products include paralleling controllers, remote units, communication devices, accessories, and software.


Both the controller front and internal display frame seal have IP65 protection

Lovato engine and generator controllers feature extensive functionality to satisfy all application requirements. Power supply ranges from 12 to 24 V DC, with communication interfaces including RS232, RS485, USB, and Ethernet.

The optical port on the panel front allows for PC, smartphone, or tablet interface via a standard USB or Wi-Fi point for programming, diagnostics, and data download, with the added advantage of not having to remove power to the electric panel.

Both the controller front and internal display frame seal have IP65 protection. With the addition of a UV film, this means that the controller can be used outdoors. The slim frame profile and reduced total depth simplify installation of these controllers in compact electric panels.

The rear of the controller has four fitting slots to secure cables connected to the terminals with cable ties in a tidy manner inside the electric panel. A plastic retainer is also provided as standard in order to keep the expansion modules in place when installed in applications with strong vibrations.

“An extensive selection of modules is available to enhance the functionality of these Lovato controllers,” EM Johannesburg Technical Manager Artur Socha reveals. These expansion modules include a GPRS/GSM modem configured automatically by the genset controller. “Another major feature is the ergonomic design, and the attention to detail in terms of quality,” he concludes.

Lovato is one of the original international brands distributed by EM, established in 1984 by CEO Dave van den Berg. The company’s guiding motto to date has always been to supply the right product at the right price, without compromising on quality or efficiency.

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