Making a safe move to cloud-based document management with Capisol Software

– automate business processes, increase efficiency and reduce cybersecurity risks

As the trusted provider of an integrated, cloud-native, document management platform for businesses in a wide range of industries, Capisol Software is very well acquainted with the realities of cybersecurity attacks in today’s business environment. Although their main service is not security, the company provides Software as a Service (SaaS), which not only affordably improves business process automation and efficiency, but actually lessens risks and enhances clients’ data security.

This is according to Christopher de Zeeuw, Managing Director of Capisol Software.

“Cybersecurity has not only become a hot topic on everyone’s lips – but the ‘big bad wolf’ of the modern business world – and with good reason, as daily breaches have proven that anyone could be a target. According to a recent information security survey by IT Web, 57 percent of local companies which participated in the survey had suffered a phishing attack in the past year. 39 percent had fallen victim to a malware incident. Adding to these worrying statistics, according to Tech Central, 60 percent of small companies go out of business within six months of a cybersecurity attack,” de Zeeuw explains.

“However, instead of becoming paranoid, panicking and imposing a ‘blanket block’ on all IT access, companies should rather analyse and proactively manage their risk profile,” advises de Zeeuw.

“Cybersecurity is an incredibly threatening and fast-moving challenge for all companies today – large and small, no matter where they are based. As a consequence, many are feeling vulnerable and somewhat helpless in the face of this constant, lurking threat in today’s ‘always on, always connected’ business world,” de Zeeuw points out.


Jacques Correia, Technical Director at Capisol agrees: “In these hyper-connected times, businesses simply cannot afford to function as islands anymore, so interaction and integration with external systems have obviously become an everyday, operational necessity. However, how securely such interactions and integration are managed, determines the level of risk entailed.”

With in-depth knowledge of the management of such risks, Capisol has developed a software platform which is remarkably powerful, yet also simple and efficient. It integrates seamlessly into a business’s existing IT system, to provide a host of automated document management services while reducing complexity and risk.

“Our platform is specifically tailored to conform to each client’s local security protocols, thereby enabling them to maintain full control of their own business operations,” Correia explains.

“As an example, data is encrypted and sent from the client site to the Capisol cloud-based servers, and clients are never required to open in-bound channels. This means that their existing security system cannot be compromised in any way; and therefore, our interaction does not introduce a potential security ‘weak spot’.”

Correia adds that there are some ‘golden guidelines’ which can effectively provide the tools with which companies can demystify and combat cybersecurity threats:

  • Simple and effective security

“The first is to really understand your company’s data and its potential value to hackers; and then to implement a simple, well-designed, security system. Unfortunately, many companies spend exorbitant amounts of money on multi-layered security structures – while a ‘back door’ giving access to their most valuable data is left wide open. In this case, it should be borne in mind that complexity is no guarantee of security – frequently, it is the very opposite,” he explains.

  • Organisational speed and agility

“Hackers and malware are becoming more sophisticated every day, but so are security systems. Companies need to stay abreast of, and implement, the latest security technology; and also ensure they are sufficiently agile to make quick decisions when required. This can be achieved by regularly reviewing the company’s security risk, and then updating policies and systems frequently,” Correia advises.

  • Employee training and education

Internal staff members are frequently the greatest threat to a company’s security system. The majority of spyware, malware and phishing attacks gain access into a system through the actions of an uninformed employee, who opens an infected email or unknowingly installs infected software – which can then corrupt the entire network. Tech Central confirms that 52% of data security breaches are caused by human error or system failure.

This risk can partially be mitigated by automating as many cumbersome administrative tasks as possible, and thereby bypassing personal emails as the primary means of circulating important documents.

“Capisol Software adds significant value to our clients, by offering them a completely automated platform which manages the storage, distribution and retrieval of documents and data, with as minimal employee involvement as possible. The system is designed to run by itself and only flag exceptions for investigation.

Our latest service offering – CapiSign ­– provides the security of an automated and tracked digital signature solution, which is fully integrated with our cloud document management service. Our platform is an enabler for the reduction of human errors; while facilitating improvement of business process automation and driving efficiency,” explains Correia.

This innovative and forward-thinking company has been growing steadily since its inception in 2013 by implementing ground-breaking solutions for clients such as Adcock Ingram, Bidvest Waltons, Altron Group, RCL and AdaptIT.

“We are extremely proud to be a trusted business partner – embodying our company promise of ‘always efficient and consistently reliable’ – to a rapidly growing client base. While there may be no single ‘silver bullet’ to protect against the vampire-like threats to cybersecurity, we believe that we add an additional level of security and lessen associated risks.

Our clients are experiencing the value of  worry-free, secure cloud-based document solutions – yielding improved cash flow, staff and business efficiency and ultimately – the ‘holy Grail’ of modern business in these challenging times – sustainability,” concludes de Zeeuw.

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