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Duty of care is one of the most important aspects of a travel programme. Duty of Care refers to a company’s legal and moral obligation to research, plan, and implement a strategy to mitigate the risks involved for employees traveling for business. Your travel management company is one of the central partners in ensuring the Duty of Care obligations are carried out by partnering with you and advising you on your travel programme.

1 Assess company-specific risk

Assess health, safety and security risks in the locations where employees travel to.

2 Plan strategically

Develop an integrated risk management strategy that is reviewed regularly.

3 Develop policies and procedures

Develop policies and procedures, that govern those who are traveling or working abroad.

4 Manage global mobility

Review how the organization oversees the international mobility of employees.

5 Communicate, educate and train

Ensure that the travel risk management plan is communicated throughout the organization.

6 Track and inform

Know where your employees are at any given time.

7 Advise, assist and evacuate

Provide ongoing guidance and assistance when employees are travelling and be prepared to evacuate them when necessary.

8 Control and analyze

Have management controls in place to ensure compliance, and track and analyze data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the travel risk management plan.

Wings Global Travel are the leaders in managing mobilisation of people in some of the most remote and high risk territories on the planet. Our expertise, experience and guidance will help you do travel risk right.

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