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Established in South Africa during 1996, MiX Telematics has transformed into a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions available in more than 120 countries, with a network of more than 130 fleet partners worldwide. Apart from its local head office, the company has offices in the UK, the US, Uganda, Brazil, Australia, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

Listed on both the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, it was the first telematics company ever to lead the All Share Index in 2018, along with Anglo American. MiX Telematics is very proud of this achievement, which is testament to the company’s ongoing growth.

The company was established initially under the Matrix vehicle tracking-and-recovery brand. In addition to the Beame stolen vehicle recovery solution, these two well-known South African brands form the passenger and light commercial vehicle offering. The South African operation in Midrand is the main regional office overseeing the continent, supplying both consumer and fleet solutions locally, and predominantly fleet solutions to the rest of Africa.

Over the last two decades, MiX Telematics has forged strong relationships with the logistics and distribution industry, among others, representing some of the biggest companies in this sector across the continent. The company has worked closely with various industries to understand their pain points, particularly as to how their drivers are managed, a key factor contributing to a fleet’s operating costs. MiX Telematics has developed a range of solutions to address driver compliance, efficiency and safety.

Ultimately the company also wants to contribute to a greener planet, which is why it has routine optimisation tools to drive that. The solutions are, in most instances, customisable to the requirements of the operation, ranging from solutions addressing light delivery vehicle requirements right through to high-end transportation-management solutions, including location-based services, driver behaviour and vehicle optimisation.

Commercial fleet solutions are built on the basis of in-vehicle hardware and on-demand software services, as well as value-added services, peripheral accessories like in-vehicle monitoring systems and applications that enhance overall performance. Through the secure web-based software platform, fleet customers can access their fleet data and generate key reports. The consumer offering focuses on passenger vehicle tracking and recovery, with the Matrix solution also including value-added personal security services such as crash alert, panic button, roadside assistance and geo-lock advanced alerts.

This means that MiX Telematics supplies customers with comprehensive, integrated end-to-end solutions available on one platform that is configurable according to specific requirements. To request a demo or speak to a fleet consultant, please email fleetsa@mixtelematics.com.  

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