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MTN IoT Awards 2018 – Digital Twin Mine Management

Digital Twin Mine Management, a collaboration between Sperosens, FlowCentric and MineRP, was named as the Best Industry 4.0 Solution, as well as the Overall Winning Entry at the 2018 MTN Business IoT Conference and Awards, held at the Kyalami Conference Centre recently.

The collaboration was a perfect example of efficient integration of three diverse technologies to produce a meaningful IoT solution.

A fully mapped digital twin of a mine is provided to an operator using virtual reality (VR) technology. The operator can navigate through the virtual terrain while seeing the available sensor data and understanding the spatial relevance of the underground locations.

Changes to the mine environment are either automatically communicated to users, or the operator can interact with the VR environment to trigger a business process. Typical business processes include ALARM (process to ensure personnel safety due to an unsafe environment) and FAULT (process to service or repair a sensing device).


The built-in business process management (BPM) capability ensures timely completion of tasks, while maintaining an audit trail.

Mine specialists can access situations in the VR mine without being on site. The digital twin provides the specialist with all the spatial information required to make an informed decision.

Sperosens contributed its tried and tested SL2010 telemetry system to the Twin Mine Management Solution. This product has been an industry leader in underground mining applications for more than 20 years. The system is widely used in underground applications to monitor gas, smoke, air flow, temperature, pressure, humidity and various other instruments.  The system is commonly used as a monitoring and reporting system in respect of other applications, like fire detection and plant monitoring and maintenance.  The SL2010 product range was recently enhanced by the addition of the Verify environmental/safety monitoring and management system, a surface based IoT solution built to enable the measurement and management of a wide array of sensors, devices or other variables in complex campus environments. The Verifi solution has found early traction in managing large, complex surface-based fire installations.

As part of the award the Digital Twin Mine Management project was automatically entered into the IoT TECH Expo – North America, taking place in Silicon Valley, San Francisco from 28 to 29 November 2018.

Sperosens provides Environmental Monitoring and Fire Protection solutions to the African mining industry and has done so with an impeccable track record for 30 years.

The company’s products and services are categorised in three separate but linked groups:

  • Instrumentation Systems designed to remotely monitor safety parameters and equipment performance in underground mining environments.
  • Fire Protection Systems with a big focus on the specialised risk category to detect, alarm/warn, contain and extinguish fires in underground and industrial installations.
  • IoT based Measurement and Management Systems designed to remotely measure and monitor a wide variety of parameters (including safety), as well as equipment performance, in industrial installations and large campus environments.

Sperosens’ market leadership stems from its proven technical abilities; from system design through project implementations to term service level agreements.

The Sperosens product solutions are developed in-house by combining own intellectual property and integrating standard off-the-shelf products.

For more information contact Marihette Hattingh at Sperosens, e-mail:  Marihette.hattingh@spero.co.za or Tel: +27 12 665 0317


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