Pressure-Lock™ Valve featured on the new Rosemount™ R305 and R306 manifold product family provides easier operation while enhancing reliability and safety

Emerson has introduced a new manifold product family for its Rosemount pressure transmitters. Manifolds shut off or equalize pressure at the transmitter, and also provide the critical mounting mechanisms required in many installations. The Rosemount R305 Integral Manifolds and Rosemount R306 In-line Manifolds have been designed to offer significant user improvements on these basic functions.

The most important improvement for both manifolds is the new Pressure-Lock Valve design which simplifies high-pressure operation, increases safety and enhances reliability. New features include:

  • Two-piece stem does not rotate in the seat, providing solid closure with minimal wear.
  • Easy to turn while delivering positive shut-off.
  • Adjustable packing nut simplifies valve maintenance.
  • Back seating prevents blowouts for increased user safety.
  • Stem and bonnet threads are fully isolated from the process fluid to minimize potential corrosion.
  • Modular packing ensures only the stem and body are exposed to the process fluid.
  • Larger internal passages to enhance reliability


The Rosemount R305 is designed for both differential or gauge pressure applications and mounts directly to any Rosemount Coplanar™ Transmitter for a complete solution. This reduces the number of potential leak points by 50 percent compared to traditional bi-planar transmitter setups. Two-, three- and five-valve configurations are available.

The Rosemount R306 is designed for in-line pressure transmitters for gauge or absolute pressure applications. When a Rosemount R305 or R306 is selected with a transmitter, the components are fully assembled and high-pressure leak tested at the factory. This allows the transmitter to be installed right out of the box, saving time and money.

“Pressure transmitter manifolds often don’t get much attention, but users understand how vital they are for effective operation,” says Scott Nelson, vice president and general manager for Emerson’s Rosemount pressure products. “Emerson takes all these elements seriously and introduced this improved offering to make this critical operation easier and safer for technicians who work with these products every day,” adds Nelson.

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