NGK Introduces Carbon-Neutral City Gas to Reduce CO2 Emissions – All City Gas at Major Aichi Production Bases to be Replaced


Carbon-neutral city gas uses carbon-neutral liquified natural gas (LNG), which offsets (through carbon offset) the CO2 generated in the process from excavation of natural gas to combustion with CO2 credit (*). This will mark TOHO GAS’s first supply and our initial introduction of carbon-neutral city gas.


Starting in August 2021, carbon-neutral city gas will replace all city gas used at the factories and office buildings of four NGK bases: Nagoya Site (Nagoya), Chita Site (Handa, Aichi), Komaki Site (Komaki, Aichi) and the headquarters of Group company NGK CERAMIC DEVICE CO., LTD. (Komaki, Aichi). The fuel in the gas kiln used in the firing of products will also be replaced with carbon-neutral city gas, thereby achieving a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. A total reduction of approximately 105,000 tons are projected over a contract period of approximately 3 years.

In the NGK Group Environmental Vision formulated in April 2021, the NGK Group set a goal to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050. In addition to this carbon-neutral city gas procurement initiative, NGK has also begun development of technology that will use clean energy that does not emit CO2, such as hydrogen and ammonia, to manufacture ceramics. By adopting clean energy, NGK will strive to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to realizing a carbon-neutral society.

  • Highly credible verification authorities certify the CO2 reduction effects of environmental conservation projects around the world as CO2 credits.

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