Nikki Hard Hats: 15 years’ heritage across South Africa’s toughest industries


With Heritage Day being celebrated on 24 September, integrated workplace safety solutions provider BBF Safety Group is highlighting the leading role its Nikki brand of hard hats has played in industry for over 15 years, particularly the harshest of mining environments.

“It is one of the hardest performing hard hats on the market today and has established a name for itself in terms of providing the best balance of performance and quality at great value,” comments Marketing Manager Deane Nothard. Two shell types are available, known respectively as Nikki I and Nikki II.

“Nikki has been very successful over the years, working with customers and developing for South African environments,” says Nothard. Nikki’s acceptance and proven performance in the mining industry, the backbone of South Africa’s industrial economy, is testament to how entrenched the product is in the local market.

“Nikki is definitely one of the heaviest duty hard hats available, especially given the fact it is specified throughout a number of industries,” says Nothard. The Nikki 1 also one of the few of its kind to be made from 100% virgin ABS for significantly higher durability and strength. This makes it a premium hard hat for particularly arduous applications, but at a mid-level price point that continues to boost its popularity.

The Nikki II also does not compromise on quality, using only virgin polypropylene. Both the Nikki I and II have a unique bridged construction, giving the Nikki shells among the best side impact protection on the market.

Such is the acceptance of the product that once specified, clients seldom opt for alternative products. To ensure consistency and quality, the BBF Safety Group recently invested in new moulds, further mould refurbishments and testing equipment.

“These investments are critical to maintain Nikki’s status in the market and ensure its continued longevity. Unfortunately, some of these upgrades caused some production downtime earlier this year, but our production is running flat out again, and our warehouse is well-stocked,” adds Nothard.

The strong heritage of Nikki is due to its tried-and-tested performance over the years, together with the BBF Safety Group using 100% virgin materials and investing in local R&D for local environments and in-house testing to ensure compliance.

“There is sometimes confusion in the market where we hear hard hats having been supplied as ‘Nikki equivalents’. Nikki has a unique construction and benefits from significant investments in materials and quality testing. It is not a product that can easily be replaced – ask for Nikki by name,” insists Nothard.

As to Nikki’s commitment to locally manufactured products, Nothard concludes: “Nikki’s heritage as a locally manufactured product, servicing local industries and contributing to the local economy, reflects the BBF Safety Group’s ethos to champion local manufacturing and being a trusted partner in safety.”


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