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Pratley Pratlok Grade 0-6

As a testament to its constant innovation and product quality, the Pratley Pratlok® range of thread-locking anaerobic adhesives clinched a Technology Top 100 Award upon its launch in the 1990s. The expanding range continues to make inroads in the mining, automotive, industrial, engineering and DIY sectors.

“We remain the market leader, especially as our products are manufactured locally and are therefore very cost-competitive compared to imported products,” comments Pratley National Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Bell. There is also a growing trend of supporting local innovators like Pratley.

“Many of our products take at least two to three years to develop due to the extensive R&D and testing involved. Once a product is launched, customers are assured of a product with unmatched quality and performance, from shelf life to reliability and torque strength,” explains Bell.

Pratley Pratlok Grade 0-6

The Pratley Pratlok® range consists of anaerobic adhesives, which means they cure in the absence of air. A single drop on a thread will begin curing within 18 minutes, with a full cure after a recommended 24 hours.

Pratley Pratlok® Screw Lock Grade 0-6 is a low-strength thread locker, differentiated by means of a purple cap. It is typically used for screws up to 6 mm. It prevents loosening due to vibration by sealing the thread and effectively retarding corrosion.

Pratley Pratlok® Nut Lock Grade 6-10 is a medium-strength thread locker, differentiated by means of a blue cap. It is typically used for M6-M10 nuts and bolts.

Pratley Pratlok® Stud Lok Grade 10-20 is a high-strength thread locker, differentiated by means of a white cap. It is typically used for M10-M20 studs, bolts and threaded pipe fittings, and allows for disassembly by means of applying heat by using a blow torch, for example. A high-strength Grade 20+ high-viscosity thread locker is also available for >M20 threads and for flanged assemblies and gap filling, differentiated by a red cap.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade BRG, which has a green cap, is a medium- to high-strength low-viscosity grade for retaining bearings onto shafts, into housings or for bushes and other cylindrical close-tolerance assemblies.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade H-Temp, with an orange cap, is a high-temperature thread locker up to 230°C. Pratley Pratlok® Grade HYD, with a brown lid, is ideal for fine threads on hydraulic and pneumatic connections. It effectively replaces traditional sealing tapes and pastes.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade PEN, with a yellow cap, is an ultra-low viscosity thread locker for wicking into preassembled fasteners, press fits and knurls. It is also suitable for sealing microporosity in welds and castings.

“Unlike most imported brands, the selection of the correct grade for your application is much simpler. Instead of having complex numbering that not many people understand, the Pratlok® range is colour-coded for easy reference. Also, the name of the product is easy to understand. ‘0-6’ for instance, means that it is intended for use on screws up to 6 mm,” points out Bell. Pratley Pratlok® thread-lockers are available in 50 g bottles for the industrial market, and a smaller 10 g bubble pack for the DIY segment.

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