Non-Genuine parts affect performance and warranty, warns Cummins


Cummins engine production at the Columbus MidRange Engine Plant

Counterfeit products illegally make use of Cummins trademarks, copyrights and/or patents. A counterfeit product is any Non-Genuine product with a Cummins logo, whereas so-called ‘will-fit’ parts are usually reverse-engineered and invariably do not meet Cummins’ specifications. “The performance will not be the same as with genuine parts, given that manufacturing and testing standards are not as stringent,” explains Yazan Abu Khdair, Assistant Product Manager, Africa Middle East (AME) New and ReCon Parts (NRP) Product management team, located in Dubai.

Cummins engine production at the Columbus MidRange Engine Plant

The main reason for using Non-Genuine components is to reduce costs, even though this ultimately compromises an engine’s lifespan. Customers are often unaware that not only are they not getting the maximum performance out of their engines, but that future maintenance costs are also increased significantly.

Additional disadvantages are the cost to prematurely replace parts or perform early overhauls, the cost of additional fuel consumption, lost revenue from equipment downtime, costs related to inadequate service support and unwarranted failure costs.

What should customers be on the lookout for? Often the differences between Genuine Cummins parts and counterfeit parts may or may not be discernible to the naked eye. “The difference between a Genuine Cummins part and a Non-Genuine part is not always easy to find just by looking at them. Our recommendation is therefore to always approach your local Cummins distributor or authorised dealer for their expertise, guidance and support,” stresses Abu Khdair.

Cummins serves customers in about 69 countries and territories through a network of some 45 company-owned and independent distributor locations and about 131 sales and service locations in Africa and the Middle East. An online parts platform offers unique part details, including individual graphics, dimensions, alternative options and a pick list feature, allowing customers to share their selection of parts with any distribution partner.

Cummins values all of its customers. No matter how small or big, teams ranging from sales specialists to technicians are at the customer’s full disposal to provide all required support. “Be it one or 100 engines, reliable operation is critical for any customer, and that is why Cummins recommends using Genuine Cummins parts only,” highlights Abu Khdair.

Cummins Genuine Parts come with a full factory warranty. The Cummins parts warranty is comprehensive, ensuring peace of mind and financial protection. Every part is backed 100% for parts, labour, progressive damage and consumables, with no deductibles.

In terms of educating customers about this ongoing issue, the New and ReCon Parts team is continuously releasing marketing material and holding training sessions. A demonstration kit is displayed at shows and exhibitions to allow customers to physically see Cummins Genuine and Non-Genuine parts side-by-side and get a feel of both products and the critical differences.

Abu Khdair concludes: “Using Non-Genuine parts does more than compromise the performance of your engine. It jeopardises your business and makes it difficult to meet customer expectations. The miniscule amount you save upfront using Non‑Genuine parts is likely to cost you significantly down the road.” When profitability and reputation depend on it, using Genuine Cummins parts ensures continuous performance.

For more information about Genuine versus Non-Genuine parts, visit or your local Cummins distributor or authorised dealer.

Cummins AME NRP will host a Genuine vs. Non-Genuine Parts Customer Seminar in May. More details and a link to register will be made available on our social media pages.

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