Partnering with local suppliers for a sustainable future


A proper lighting regime has become a key factor in the fight against climate change. Never has it been more important to partner with lighting technology providers to ensure a sustainable future. Unlike most climate change initiatives, a well-structured plan will result in financial benefits.


Nordland Lighting is a leading provider of cutting-edge technical lighting solutions. After becoming established as a provider of Industrial lighting in the 1960’s, Nordland identified the need to broaden its product range into hazardous lighting to cater for the needs of the Oil and Gas sector. Since the early 1980’s we have been a primary supplier of hazardous area lighting products to Sasol. More recently we have diversified our range to include niche products to cater for hazardous, emergency and non-hazardous applications in underground mining.

With over 50 years’ experience in lighting manufacture, an ISO 9001 2015 accredited facility and a qualified team of design engineers and lighting experts we have the ability to develop products to meet almost every challenge. Nordland’s ethos is to partner with customers to embrace technological advancements and creative thinking to develop lighting solutions that are sustainable, cost effective and tailormade for the applications.

Nordland has identified five key areas to focus on in a well-structured sustainable lighting plan.

  1. Lighting surveys and lighting designs
  2. A technology partner.
  3. A purchasing policy to ensure longevity of a solution.
  4. Local partnership.
  5. A recycling plan.

Lighting surveys and design

Lighting surveys and designs ensure cost effective and safe working environments. The challenge for the majority of companies is that they do not have inhouse expertise who have experience in all facets of lighting to effectively assess lighting infrastructure on a holistic basis.

By partnering with the likes of Nordland one is able to access accredited specialists in all fields, who can do formal surveys, lighting designs and hazardous area zoning while also having an up-to-date knowledge on technology advancement.


Technology Partners

As a manufacturer Nordland is keeping abreast of technological development. LED technology has been developing at a significant rate and technologies like light emitting plasma for luminaires is on the horizon. Our research and development team are continuously involved in assisting Companies with bespoke solutions. Our focus is to ensure our customers are provided with the most appropriate solutions available.

Purchasing Policy

The advent of LED technology has changed the fundamentals of lighting and with that a purchasing policy should be a requirement of every company.” Gone are the days where a light was a light was a light”.

Historically, the consumer would purchase a luminaire and thereafter replace failed lamps and an occasional ballast. Lamps were fundamentally created equal and hence lumen output, lamp life would be similar from all reputable suppliers. System efficacy (lumens per watt) were principally the same and hence very limited expertise was required in purchasing a product.

LED Lighting is a different kettle of fish.
Purchasing an LED luminaire based on price is fraught with pitfalls.

  • System efficacy of LED luminaires can differ by as much as 40%. The result is that your operating cost to light an area to the same lux level will be 40% higher.
  • Inadequate heat sinking will result in a luminaire being cheaper but will result in a shortened life and increased capex outlay.
  • The LEDs may have a long life but if not matched with equivalent quality electronic components early failure will be inevitable.

There is a perception that LED lights last forever, the unfortunate truth is that they don’t. Truth be told, in most industrial applications, you are likely to have to replace a luminaire within 5 to 10 years either because of failure or because of lighting degradation.

Purchasing policies should look well beyond the initial Capex outlay, as the cost of energy in operating a luminaire over its lifetime, together with a planned replacemet plan should be fundamental of the purchasing policy.

Local Partnerships for sustainability
Partnering with local manufacturers will provide peace of mind.

  • Standardisation on product can be controlled.
  • Supply chain and price volatility issues are less likely to occur.
  • Quality of products can be verified.
  • Warranties will be met.
  • Delivery times will be quicker. Recycling Plan The DFFE have recently brought about legislation in line with international standards to ensure that products are properly disposed and recycled as far as possible., Regardless of DFFE involvement, we see it as our corporate responsibility to ensure that we manage waste in a proper manner.

Nordland’s retrofit model ensures that our customers will not have to consign luminaires to the scrapheap, but instead have products that are reusable, upgradeable and cost effective over an extended period of time.

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