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E-media Advertising

E-media Advertising

The African Petrochemicals e- Powerline Newsletter currently has  subscribers globally. We focus on online advertising and services.



African Petrochemicals hosts travelling exhibitions which showcases products and services relevant to your industry.

Print & Online Publication

Print & Online Publication

African Petrochemicals is South Africa’s leading quarterly print and digital trade magazine for the past 16 years.

Visitor Registration

Visit each of the Exclusive Roadshow Page for more info:

Durban Petrochemicals, IPP & Renewables Roadshow- Click here

Secunda,Petrochemicals, IPP & Renewables Roadshow– 2020- Click here

Sasolburg Petrochemicals, IPP & Renewables Roadshow- Click here

EPC, IPP & Renewables Roadshow- Roadshow- Click here

Everything Industrial Roadshow- Click here

Mossel Bay- Offshore Oil & Gas- Click here

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