‘Powering up’ the African connection – Alexander & Poole, Anderson Power Products boosting local solutions footprint

Alexander and Poole, a long-standing manufacturing enterprise and sole African distributor of Anderson Power Products’ (APP’s) quality electrical connectors that are renowned to achieve the highest levels of durability and performance, continuously strives to enhance its solutions offering to industry.

To power up awareness of APP’s pioneering and innovative role in electrical connectors, its product offering and technology excellence to Africa, Alexander and Poole – together with APP – are boosting their long-standing and key partnership to grow the APP footprint and product profile in different target sectors locally.

Alexander and Poole, founded over 4 decades ago, is instrumental to this growth by currently focusing on a concerted sales and marketing effort to drive awareness around the APP product range, says Juanita Fisher-Hill, National Sales Manager for Alexander and Poole, responsible for the sale and distribution of APP products in South Africa.

“APP and Alexander and Poole’s very solid relationship, which has been nurtured for more than 37 years, has gone from strength to strength,” adds Chris Mason, Regional Sales Manager for Anderson Power Products in the UK, highlighting that mutual company successes from this partnership investment include a clear drive and strategy in terms of activity – and focus on specific market segments to build market growth.

Mason further explains: “Where traditionally APP – and Alexander and Poole locally – were focused on material handling, some new changes include a market expansion and the consideration of other market segments to drive activity. These include the solar, commercial and consumer markets – with specific requirements, such as in the 4X4 market, the electro mobility (e-mobility) and energy sectors; as well as the data communication sectors.”

In addition, Mason notes that APP and Alexander and Poole are also achieving increased sales success, with targets in 2020 being successfully met, and growth exceeding that of the previous year.

Fisher-Hill agrees, highlighting that Alexander and Poole achieved several record months for sales (turnover) since the notable record month of November 2020.

Power Pioneer

APP, as an international ISO 9001-certified manufacturer and developer of high quality, cost-effective power interconnect solutions for industries, offers innovative, state-of-the-art electrical power connector solutions.

“This, combined with a long-standing reputation for reliable and rugged connectors, and through long-standing distributor partnerships – such as the one with Alexander and Poole – APP offers full service support – from concept sketches, 3D models to working prototypes, to full production volumes.”

“We will also guide customers to select the right connector based on specified criteria, provide engineering expertise coupled with a safety agency-certified team of qualified laboratory technicians and provide full support to customers’ visions,” Mason explains.

“Meanwhile, APP has excellent knowledge in understanding safety standards and the specific performance required for various markets and geographic regions – having exceptionally trained and qualified associates which provide high-quality products in line with ISO 9001-certification,” he says.

“This quality offering is supported by excellent customer service from distributors such as Alexander and Poole, which provides exceptional technical and ordering support.

In addition, multiple manufacturing and distributor locations globally allow for a shorter lead time – from order placement to receipt of product – and help to streamline logistics and international shipping costs,” Mason adds.

Powerful connections

As a power pioneer, APP builds on a decades-long reputation of innovation in the manufacture of power connections: particularly around the electrical connector and its flat wiping technology design.

Mason explains that the technology, invented in 1953, offers a powerful connection capability by ensuring consistent connector contact. The technology comprises stainless steel springs that provide a constant contact force while the silver-plated pure copper contacts have tips which absorb arcing damage when the connectors mate.

“Because of the material used, APP expects its contacts to perform at 10 000 cycles and more in their lifetime,” he highlights, emphasising that the differentiator to APP’s offering lies in proof-of-concept and consistency of performance.

Alexander and Poole’s efforts locally highlight this product reliability and consistency, with Fisher-Hill proactively reaching out to the local market through enhanced market communication, technical training for customers on APP products, and customer support – backed by 24/7 assistance from Mason.

“It is Alexander and Poole’s objective to make each customer feel valued and heard, through the provision of customised product solutions to fit their specific needs,” Fisher-Hill notes.

Powerful partner

Mason adds that Alexander and Poole forms part of a strong value channel in being the ‘face’ of APP and providing the expertise and knowledge locally.

“The right partner of choice is critical and Alexander and Poole is small enough to be flexible and fluid in meeting needs; but large enough in terms of reputation and market positioning to liaise with larger organisations.”

In anticipating how Alexander and Poole’s concerted efforts as sole distributor to grow APP’s footprint locally will progress, Fisher-Hill says consistent communication and interaction, as well as determination to achieve business growth is key.

Mason agrees, concluding that: “The investment from APP and Alexander and Poole as our sole distributor in South Africa, in enhancing internal processes, systems, order placements and pricing will create a solid foundation on which to successfully build a lasting business which will not only sustain growth, but ensure many ‘powerfully connected’ customers going forward!”

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