Proof’s locally developed AMPgland cable gland range for safe, efficient cable sealing

AMPgland double-compression cable glands from Proof Mining Solutions is an all-inclusive, safe and efficient electrical installation solution for the mining and oil & gas industries. Developed, designed and manufactured locally by Proof, the AMPgland range includes the Orion, Crater and Taurus Exd.

The cable glands boast a unique, cutting-edge design that features two O-rings on the shielding cone that delivers unrivalled cable securing and sealing capabilities. “The double-compression O-ring offers double sealing, preventing the intrusion of contaminants such as water and dust which will be trapped between the two O-rings, preventing contact with armour, resulting in unparalleled protection,” explains Proof Mining Solutions Director, Donovan Marks. In addition to achieving high strain relief and explosion proof protection, the special shape of the gland’s lower and upper seal also earns it an IP 66/68 rating.


Proof Mining Solutions locally developed AMPgland cable gland range for safe efficient cable sealing

Installation of the AMPgland is straightforward, maximising operational uptime. “As long as the diameter of the used cable is within the declared clamping range, there is no need to change, remove or adjust any internal components,” observes Marks. The swiveling ‘shielding cone’ for clamping armour is secured to the ‘upper and lower body’ by the O-rings, preventing the shielding cone from being lost during disassembly of cable gland during installation.

Customers and end-users also save on time and costs when it comes to maintenance of the AMPgland which is easy and uncomplicated. The internal parts are fixed only with the O-rings and can therefore be easily removed with a simple ‘pulling’ movement during inspection without any risk of damaging cables.

The addition of these cable glands has boosted Proof’s comprehensive flameproof product range of plugs, sockets, connectors, adaptors, couplers, plug couplers and luminaires (Azolite). “With our expanded offering which now includes the cable, the connector and the AMPgland, Proof is perfectly positioned as a turnkey solutions provider for virtually any electrical installation,” concludes Marks.

Proof Mining Solutions, a Division of Hudaco, has cornered the Southern African mining and industry markets as a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of flameproof and explosion proof products. The company incorporates the latest technology in the design of its comprehensive range of electrical components suitable for both underground and above ground mining applications. Round-the-clock, countrywide specialist support from Proof’s highly qualified team of technicians keeps downtime to the absolute minimum to assist customers in achieving maximum productivity and ultimately profitability.

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