Purchasing cleaning products moves online

The coronavirus has been a trendsetter in its own rights, causing a shift in the way businesses continue to keep doors open and seeing the public adjusting homelife.

One of the biggest trends has been in cleaning and hygiene, making it top of the list with everyone having to make sure that their workspace and living areas are safe for employees and families.

Before the pandemic, many consumers viewed buying cleaning products as a commodity that could help reduce overall household spend. But 2020 has had a decidedly different effect on this and globally there has been a general increase in spend on cleaning products with the USA seeing a surge of almost 400%[i], with Covid-19 elevating the importance of household cleaning products.

“Buying the right products has become part of consumers’ survival strategy during a time when cleanliness has never been more important in helping create a positive healthy environment,” says Emma Corder MD of Industroclean.

Now, more than ever, the need for safe disinfecting products that do not pose unnecessary risk to consumers is critical. Many customers are not willing to trade cost for performance and new amendments provide greater protection to consumers

The Amendment of the Compulsory Specification for Chemical Disinfectants (VC 8054), came into effect in October 2020 and includes the compulsory testing and labelling of chemical disinfectants. This means that consumers can now be satisfied that chemical disinfectants for sale in South Africa must comply with the minimum safety requirements and must be registered by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS). 

Corder added that another visible trend during 2020, is the surge of 4IR and how technology has shifted in the way in which consumers are buying cleaning products.

“We (Industroclean) recognised the opportunity to change our own business model and adapt to the changing sector by developing our own ecommerce site,” explains Corder.

Well known within the cleaning industry as a local manufacturer of cleaning products for over 30 years, Industroclean have supplied leading contract cleaning companies around South Africa but realised that our products could also serve the small business sector that do inhouse cleanings and homes.

Even though fewer consumers are now willing to trade cost for performance the pandemic has also resulted in many job losses with households and small businesses under financial strain. “Offering multipurpose, quality products that are easy to use and do the job is key,” Corder concludes

Covid-19 has opened consumers’ eyes to the importance not only behind regular cleaning and disinfection but making sure they are not wasting money and are buying the right products. We have made it easy by offering a household starter kit consisting of professional, top selling chemicals suitable for cleaning multiple areas around the house.

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