Pursuing reinvention: What it Means to Macsteel Fluid Control


Too often these days we accept convention for the sake of time and predictability. We know what works and we stick to it because it’s a safe bet. A tried and trusted formula. But if we don’t embrace the uncertainty of change, innovation is impossible.


Macsteel Fluid Control understands that its clients are looking for solutions that go beyond their immediate needs, they seek revolutionary ideas that push boundaries, reshape perceptions, and take what we already know and turn it into something else entirely. That’s why Macsteel Fluid Control pursues reinvention in every space possible. 

Without reinventing ourselves and what we do, we cannot break boundaries, shake up the status quo, or overhaul the things that we know need to transform. Macsteel Fluid Control doesn’t only see reinvention as necessary for adapting to new developments, it sees reinvention as the means for growth and, ultimately, evolution.

Macsteel Fluid Control doesn’t just specialize in providing the top solutions to fluid control challenges faced across the Agriculture, Energy, Export, Food and Beverage, Mining, Petrochemical and Gas, Textile, and Water industries, it provides the means for clients to pursue reinvention in their methods, reimagine their output, and reevaluate their position as they scale and expand.

Through Macsteel Fluid Control’s extensive range of valves, valve interlock systems, actuators, liquid level gauges, filter systems, as well as a comprehensive array of steam products, including traps, strainers, and control valves, it is able to offer holistic solutions to the unique and varied requirements of clients.

On top of this, Macsteel Fluid Control provides specialised piping applications, which include its trademarked pipeline system solutions Cable-Lock™ and Lula™. Since the merger of Macsteel Trading Pipes, Fittings, and Flanges into Macsteel Fluid Control in June 2020, it has been able to offer even more consolidated solutions to the challenges that clients face.

Macsteel Fluid Control knows that adapting to reforms is a necessity for improvement and is committed to identifying optimal strategies for change enablement and growth in the pursuit of reinvention.

Being an industry leader in the field, Macsteel Fluid Control understands that it’s not enough to just provide effective solutions for clients. What sets Macsteel Fluid Control apart is its ability to leverage further support to clients on behalf of its licensing partners, be it back-up, technical support, or service. Macsteel Fluid Control is not satisfied with simply providing solutions, it is dedicated to helping clients succeed at every stage of their journey.

Another key identifier that defines Macsteel Fluid Control is its broad reach and extensive distribution network. As an established stakeholder in the industry of fluid control solutions, it currently holds 11 international licensing agreements with 11 different suppliers around the world, carrying the rights to represent their products on the African market. Some of Macsteel Fluid Control’s trusted partners, that it represents as their sole franchise holder, include Bermad Control Valves, Amri Butterfly Valves, Armstrong Steam, and Schubert and Salzer, among others.

Its integrated multinational partnerships ensure that you have access to the widest possible range of systems and tools for your unique needs. Lastly, Macsteel Fluid Control’s dedication to growth is visible in its establishment of a local valve assembly operation, which constitutes a major step towards import substitution and drives job growth in the economy.

Macsteel Fluid Control believes that reinvention needs to be applied at every level to be successful. True transformation is built from the ground up, creating a ripple effect that impacts every point within a system. From ideas to solutions, from executions to outcomes, Macsteel Fluid Control is dedicated to pursuing reinvention. The reinvention of its abilities, of the world through more sustainable production methods, and of its clients’ ambitions and achievements.


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