Rand-Air shines a light on service excellence for new customer in Kathu


Amid changing times and with economic demands driving companies to operate as rapidly and efficiently as possible, the need for swift solutions to achieve this has become essential.

Rand-Air, part of the Atlas Copco Specialty Rental division and an established leader in the field of air, nitrogen, power, flow (pumps), steam boiler and lighting solutions, recently made the most of an opportunity to ‘shed some light’ on a customer’s operations in the Northern Cape:

“When a new customer walked into our Kathu depot, with the request for an efficient lighting solution, we were able to provide him with a fitting – and immediately available – solution: the Atlas Copco QLB 60 lighting tower,” says Rand-Air’s seasoned sales representative Denise Olivier, who assisted the customer in this hire.


“This new customer, who is involved in security services for the mining industry in the Northern Cape, required a durable, robust and mobile lighting tower which adhered to stringent safety and environmental-friendly requirements,” Olivier explains.

“With this in mind, Rand-Air’s supply of the 6.5 kVA QLB 60 lighting tower – with its combination of cost saving features, energy efficiency and exceptional luminous coverage – ‘brightened the customer’s day’ for smooth operations,” Olivier says.

Internal sales representative at the Cape Town Branch, Racine Jacqui Colwell, who collaborated with Olivier on the hire, agrees, noting that by pairing speed – a valuable component of Rand-Air’s service – with the company’s supply of quality equipment, they could execute the hire with agile and professional efficiency.

“By being responsive, swift, and staying ‘on top of things’ through continuous awareness and careful attention, we not only achieved a positive service result, but demonstrated the ability to exceed customer expectations,” Colwell points out.

This approach has been rewarded by the customer’s utmost satisfaction in dealing with ‘a great team and a good experience’ – and the further positive feedback of a rewarding excellence rating.

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“At the flick of a switch, the company’s service technicians provided a full demonstration of the tower’s capabilities and functionality,” Olivier advises, noting that she liaised with the customer to gain a comprehensive understanding of their requirements. This allowed Rand-Air to appropriately advise, and supply the customer with the correct information, quotation and application. Supported by the customer’s proactive contribution, Olivier and Colwell were able to quickly execute a smooth and professional hire.

Complementing the efficiency of this one-month hire are the QLB’s striking advantages, with features including sealed-off components for optimal operation in the dusty conditions of the Northern Cape, fuel efficiency (using only 0.5 ℓ/hour), lower exhaust emissions, a spillage-free frame with internal filling inlet and easy, clean drainage of all liquids; as well as ease of use with a manual and automatic switch and remote start functionality.

Furthermore, as the tower is fully roadworthy, allowing for easy transport to and around the operations site.

“While 24/7 technical assistance is available for this hire, we also have good stock availability at the depot should spares be required for the equipment during an unforeseen breakdown,” Olivier adds.

Highlighting Rand-Air’s guiding ethos of making agility count for customers, Olivier, in a proactive and energetic manner, demonstrates her passion and commitment to quality service by consistent site visits and follow-ups.

“It is vital to give our best in every hire by personalising each interaction, taking genuine interest in the customer, and adding value,” she emphasises.

As such, there is substantial satisfaction derived from fulfilled commitments and delighted customers, she says.

“Notably, in providing the customer with a swift, tailored solution, we enabled the establishment of trust and confidence in the reliability in our services; as well as the creation of the company as ‘first in mind, first in choice’ to forge a bright future with – and for – this customer,” she concludes.


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