Integrated Pump Rental is a specialist pump rental organisation that caters to the needs of all sectors including mining, construction, wastewater, energy and general industry. The company, a member of the GiGi Investments Group of Companies, was established to meet the growing demand for rental pump solutions.

submersible drainage and dewatering pumps, slurry and sludge pumps, diesel driven pumps, dredging system, flotation devices and accessories. All pump rental solutions available from Integrated Pump Rental are ISO 9001 certified.

Integrated Pump Rentals’ technical team conducts a full needs assessment of individual applications and assists customers in selecting the most appropriate fit-for purpose pump rental solution.

The company also offers a full engineering capability that includes from design through to FEA, EFD and CFD simulations, to supply and installation. All work

is conducted by highly skilled experienced personnel to the highest quality standards.

Pump rental offers numerous benefits to customers

• Absolute convenience

• Immediate availability

• Selection from a wide range of pump solutions

• No capital outlay

• Ease of installation

• Outsourced maintenance

• Optimum control of project costs

Typical rental applications

• Slurry and solids handling

• Sewage diversion and bypass pumping

• Construction site dewatering

• Sump drainage

• Water transfer

• Sludge mixing

• Dam, pond and settlement catchment area cleaning and dredging

Integrated Pump Rental has the agility to offer customers quick and easy access to a comprehensive fleet of pump rental solutions.

All rental pump solutions offer optimum performance and reliability backed by an after sales team that ensures maximum uptime.

Rental pump solutions include:

• Drainage pumps

• Slurry pumps

• Sludge pumps

• Diesel driven pumps

• Dredging systems

• Pump flotation devices

• Hose flotation devices

• Pump control panels

• Accessories

Sykes Diesel Driven Pumps

A range of Sykes self-priming diesel driven pump sets is suitable for applications where power is not readily available. Trailer mounted and engineered for optimum pumping with minimum energy consumption.

Drainage Pumps

Suitable for pumping large quantities of dirty water, the heavy duty industrial Grindex drainage pump can handle abrasive particles with ease. Easy-to-install and simple-to-operate submersible pumps. The pumps are light and highly portable.

Smart Control System

The range of Grindex drainage pumps offers pumping capacities from 1 litre per second up to 300 litres per second and maximum heads of 180 metres.

Slurry and Solids Handling Pumps

Engineered to perform in the harshest slurry pumping applications, the Grindex slurry pump range is robust and hard working.

Sludge Pumps

Heavy duty industrial strength Grindex sludge pumps are ideal for pumping water and liquids with a high solids content. SlurrySucker Dredging Systems

Hydro Mining Systems

The SlurryBlaster offers mining and plant operations a cost effective cleaning tool for all applications where slurry has become an issue and needs to be washed away.

Pump Flotation Devices

Pump Flotation Devices (PFD) suspend and prevent the pump from burrowing into the bottom of the dam, stope or pond during pumping operations.

Hose Flotation Devices (HFD)

Hose Flotation Devices (HFD) suspend hoses during pumping and are suited to applications where either pontoons or barges are used or where hosing is laid across the water instead of around the perimeter of the water. The HFDs are engineered to accommodate power cables that cover the same distance as the hoses.

Pumping Accessories

Control and Automation

Custom engineered automation systems are available for all pumping applications and range from the most basic pump control panel to a fully automated solution.

Lay Flat Hoses

The highest quality lay flat hoses are available in 4”, 6” and 8” in 3, 7 and 15 bar pressures. All hoses are available with the full range of fittings.


A wide range of industrial pump hosing is available in varying materials of construction, diameters and lengths.

Pump Fittings

A comprehensive range of pump fittings is also readily available and includes:

• Standard couplings

• Quick fit couplings

• Hose clamps

• Check valves

• Flanges

• Pipe bends

• Tandem connectors

• Collars

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