S800P high-performance miniature circuit breaker from ABB

The S800P series from ABB

The S800P series from ABB offers a top-class compact solution for line protection up to 50 kA

The S800P series from ABB offers a top-class compact solution for line protection up to 50 kA, with unrivalled expandability for the most challenging high demanding requirements across a diverse range of segments and industries. “It combines size and performance to protect customers’ installations,” explains Ettienne Delport, Vice President and Channel Manager for Smart Buildings and Smart Power, ABB Electrification.

Due to its intrinsic characteristics and range of available accessories, the series is suitable for different types of applications in railways, data centres, telecommunications, renewables, and general industrial installations. The S800P guarantees complete safe electrical isolation of the circuit in compliance with IEC 60947-2. The range was designed with specific materials for traction and classified with a R26/HL3 hazard level in accordance with EN45545-2.

Its plastic materials also comply with fire and smoke requirements according to EN45545-2. The S800P range offers high-rated current protection (80 A, 100 A, 125 A) at a high breaking capacity level up to 50 kA. It is available in all pole configurations (1P, 2P, 3P, 4P) and B, C, D, K tripping curves.

In addition to the high-quality standards and flammability requirements, rail applications also require vibration and shock resistance compliance. The S800P has been positively tested according to IEC 61373 for Rolling stock equipment – Shock and vibration tests: Category 1/Class B.

The mechanical drive of the S800P is equipped with a trip-free release. The trip position display reliably indicates the exact position of the moving contact. The trip position provides additional trip detection allowing for easy identification of the reason for any cut-off. The switch lever moves to the middle position in case of thermal or magnetic tripping.

The S800P comes with an interchangeable terminal adapter for wires, cables, and rigid conductors, which guarantees a high level of flexibility and comfort. Fast and safe connection of the conductors is ensured by the integrated onboard terminal shutter that prevents incorrect underclamping of the connections.

The S800P
The S800P is a protection device and allows for remote control and monitoring

The S800P functions not only as a protection device, but also for remote control and monitoring of the installation. Accessories to extend its functionality include auxiliary contacts, aux/signal contacts, remote switching unit, short circuit limiter, shunt operation releases, undervoltage releases, RCD block, and busbars.

The S800 range of high-performance micro circuit breakers is the first choice for heavy duty industrial and renewable energy applications. Thanks to an innovative short-circuit extinguishing technology, S800 devices are the ideal solution when both size and performance are required. As an alternative to main fuses, applications range from building installations to transportation and renewable energy.

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