SAIMC Tshwane Tech Eve Invite for Wed 7 Nov – Builing Automation by Shorrock


As always at SAIMC Branch meetings, bring your technical concerns, bring colleagues and friends, and come for a cocktail of friendships, business alliances and like-minded people, united by the desire to be the best in the world of Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control. Visitors are welcome.

Previous Month Presentation:

In October Reino Janse from Swagelok presented on Regulator Issues. The presentation which is available touched on important subjects such as main types of pressure regulators, different types of “sensing” i.e. diaphragm vs. piston, key terminology i.e. “creep, droop, lockup, Joule – Thomson effect, SPE, etc.

Some brief feedback re past period:

SAIMC NAT COM: For latest news re National developments be sure to monitor Technews Publication as always. Also see our revised website for more information.


November is last event however we have sent out expression of interest and sofar we have a few companies lined up for next year which include some of following: Adroit, WIKA, VEGA, Cobots (AGM), SICK, Rascals, and Swagelok to name a few. Please contribute details of what you like to see so we can setup.

National Gala Dinner (26th of October)

We are honoured to report that branch achieved Gold Status with your help. In fact we missed Platinum status with a single point due to not hosting a 12th technical evening so will work on it / next score card.


Monitor the national news for more.

MESA (14/15 November)

Monitor the national news for more.

Year End Function (Tentatively Wednesday 21st November)

We will be going to CHEERS in IRENE from around 17:30 to have a meal. The pub is very good in terms of food and prices are also on par and less than R150-00 per head on average with specials running also. We have to give an indication of numbers so if you may please let me know as seating is limited (+/- 20 spaces) and will be based on a 1st come 1st serve basis. SAIMC will again pay for 1st drink (beer) of the evening while rest will be for your own account. Should you be interest please RSVP by 16th November COB.


AEROSUD has invited us to visit their factory, Petrus will arrange. Petrus also spoke to NewElec and will setup visit. Ps. This will take place in the new year.


Thank you kindly to our patrons for ongoing support:




Please note we have been in discussions with Johannesburg Branch and will be meeting 1st of December (Saturday) re collaborating in new year around things such as Golf Day, Training, etc. as it is anticipated this is a better model than existing one. More info to follow.

For more information please contact any one of the committee members. We appreciate any new members so also please feel free to share.

Thank you kindly,

Petrus Klopper

SAIMC Tshwane Branch Committee (Chairman & Technology) and

National Committee (Professional Service / Standards Sub-Committee)

082 559 7437

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