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The Corrosion Institute of South Africa (CorrISA) exists to serve a broad spectrum of stakeholders with an interest in controlling the impact of corrosion on asset lifecycles, productivity and human life. These anti-corrosion experts ensure that legacies are preserved, economic imperatives are achieved and that human lives are enriched and safeguarded in the process.

Activities of the Institute aim to extend the recognition of corrosion as a problem requiring specialised attention and to promote standardisation in corrosion control technology. We are actively involved in promoting study and scientific research into corrosion and materials protection technology and encourage reporting, discussion and publication of corrosion experience and knowledge. Our inclusive membership structure encourages participation of a broad range of stakeholders in our activities, operating on all levels and in all sectors of the industry. Our internationally acclaimed and accredited NACE training courses provide a solid foundation for our efforts to ensure that corrosion control training of the highest standard is offered in our region. One of the great privileges which the Corrosion Institute has, is to recognise merit and to reward and promote persons making significant contributions to the control of corrosion and to the services or products which enhance our objectives.


WOESA’s first priority is to facilitate women’s participation in business opportunities in the oil, gas and energy sector in South Africa.

WOESA offers services to its member companies, organisations and individuals, that focus on developing a knowledge base and building capacity amongst women through education and training. We facilitate access to business opportunities; we do advocacy work for women by participating in drafting legislation and policies. WOESA further endeavors to facilitate access to funding as well as investment opportunities for women.

Transformation and the development of historically disadvantaged women is not only what we talk about; WOESA is there to ensure that equal opportunities for women and particularly black women in South Africa become a fact in the Oil and Energy sector.



The Society for Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control (SAIMC).

The SAIMC aims to be the driving force behind the development of the automation industry in Africa, preparing its members to meet the challenges facing them due to the rapid changes taking place within and around the automation industry.