SEW-EURODRIVE (Pty) Ltd. provides on-site training and service in Africa

A key differentiator for SEW-EURODRIVE (Pty) Ltd. in Africa is its capability to offer on-site training and service. This not only familiarises clients with the drive automation specialist’s complete range, but also gives it a foot in the door for electronics and automation products like Variable Speed Drives.

The dissemination of product knowledge in Africa is vital for clients to understand that SEW-EURODRIVE (Pty) Ltd. offers complete solutions, from design and specification to commissioning and maintenance. “Our aftersales service is as critical as the initial sale, as it affirms what we can do for our clients,” Head of Exports Marcio Sicchiero comments.

Having an on-site presence means that the brand is always top-of-mind. “It is good to be able to show our face on-site, and to advise our clients wherever we can assist them.” Depending on visa requirements for individual countries, an engineer or technician can be dispatched within 24 hours if need be. “We also assist with on-site training and commissioning,” Sicchiero highlights.

The Johannesburg regional office is currently responsible for 23 countries, from Southern to Eastern Africa. Tanzania also falls under the ambit of the local head office. Industries served range from food and beverage to cement and mining, giving the company an established footprint in a diverse range of markets and sectors.

While West Africa is not on the radar as of yet, Sicchiero points out that the company is represented by agents where it does not have offices established as of yet. In terms of current growth opportunities, the rise in the copper price has resulted in renewed growth in the Copper Belt in Zambia, for example.

Also in Zambia, SEW-EURODRIVE (Pty) Ltd. recently supplied a multimillion-rand order of 42 units, including geared motors, planetary units, and Industrial Gear (IG) units, ranging from 7.5 kW to 250 kW. A total of 15 customised IG units are being supplied by SEW-EURODRIVE (Pty) Ltd. of Finland, while other units are also being sourced from Germany.

“This is testament to our internationalisation, as we can call on our extensive global capabilities to meet the specific requirements of our clients in the required timeframe,” Sicchiero comments. This long-standing cement client has enjoyed a close relationship with SEW-EURODRIVE (Pty) Ltd. for the past three years.

Looking at the Exports Division as a whole, Sicchiero reveals that not only did it achieve its sales targets for 2018, but has shown sustained growth since its inception. “The reason for our ongoing success in Africa is that we not only meet all of our clients’ requirements, but product training and proactive maintenance is a critical focus as well,” he concludes.

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