Shell Global Solutions International B.V. has awarded Kongsberg Digital an enterprise framework agreement for the supply of Kognitwin® Energy, digital twin software


The agreement covers digital twin cloud-based services for the global portfolio of assets and capital projects within the Anglo-Dutch energy and petrochemical company’s upstream, integrated gas, downstream and manufacturing business lines.

Shell has now signed an enterprise agreement with Kongsberg Digital for digital twin software to be deployed across its assets and capital projects.

The Kognitwin® Energy Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) solution will provide integration, visualization and analytics capabilities to Shell assets globally. The solution will be supplied through Kongsberg Digital’s cloud-native Kognitwin® Energy dynamic digital twin service platform, which will integrate and contextualize real-time sensor data, historical data, engineering information and other transactional business data across a variety of data sources, enabling Shell to improve work processes and optimize facility performance through digitalization. When adopted, the solution will provide Shell with the ability to access its portfolio assets from anywhere, expanding the scope of remote operations.

“Shell is a frontrunner when it comes to the development and adoption of cutting-edge technologies for the energy industry, and now they are looking to increase operational optimization and value creation through broad and deep digitalization of their asset portfolio. They are a perfect partner for Kongsberg Digital, where we proudly invest in deep industrial solutions that turn digital value creation into reality. We are delighted to have this opportunity and confident that our approach, which combines deep industry domain and digital expertise with hybrid analytics, will be of great benefit to Shell”, said Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital.

Leading up to the award, Shell ran a competitive tender process that consisted of several stages of competitive down-select steps. The final step of the evaluation was a competitive Proof-of-Concept, where Kongsberg Digital’s solution emerged as the leading solution.

Yuri Sebregts, Chief Technical Officer Shell said, “Our collaboration with Kongsberg Digital in developing digital twins brings in a new era of visually interacting with data and models at the asset, equipment and component level. Digital twins drive efficiency by enabling remote operations, automation and significantly improved collaboration. It supports our front-line operations to better leverage insights from big data, transforming ways of working to unlock value and increase resilience in the changing business environment”.

In October 2019, Shell Norway and Kongsberg Digital entered a digitalization partnership to operationalize an advanced dynamic digital twin of the Nyhamna onshore gas plant facility. The solution has been in service since January 2020 and is continuously evolving through new product releases.

The companies have already started ramping up deployment-related activities in 2020.

About Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital is a provider of next-generation software and digital solutions to customers within maritime, oil and gas, and renewables and utilities. The company consists of more than 500 software experts with leading competence within the internet of things, smart data, artificial intelligence, maritime simulation, automation and autonomous operations. Kongsberg Digital is the group-wide center of digital expertise for KONGSBERG.

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