Simplify bearing and machine noise detection with SKF’s Electronic Stethoscope TMST 3

The SKF TMST 3 Electronic Stethoscope is a high quality instrument that is used for the effective identification of troublesome parts through accurate pinpointing of bearing and machine noises.

The device is supplied with two probes of differing lengths (70 mm and 300 mm) to facilitate access in hard-to-reach or recessed areas. The world-class headset, with an adjustable digital 32-level volume control, provides excellent sound quality, enabling the operator to reliably, clearly and accurately identify the sound of problematic parts even in extremely noisy environments. The instrument is equipped with an output for analogue recording to help facilitate analysis and comparison.

A pre-recorded audio CD is also supplied with the Electronic Stethoscope that demonstrates the most commonly encountered troublesome machine noises.

SKF TMST 3 Electronic Stethoscope effectively identifies troublesome parts by accurately pinpointing bearing and machine noise

Thanks to its lightweight ergonomic design, the user friendly instrument is easy to operate with one hand and requires no special training.

The headset, probes and CD are all supplied complete in a sturdy carrying case for easy handling, portability and storage.                       

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