SKF and FANUC demonstrate edge platform technology solution for machine tool industry

SKF and FANUC demonstrated an edge platform technology solution for automated anomaly detection of machine tool health at EMO Hannover Fair.

By using FANUC’s Industrial IoT Platform, FIELD system and SKF’s IMX condition monitoring technology as the basis, end-users will be able to predict spindle health using vibration, temperature, speed and process data. The results are integrated into the end-user’s existing FIELD system dashboards for a straight forward user experience.

SKF and FANUC demonstrate edge platform technology solution for machine tool industry

Parameters and thresholds per machine are set and adjusted based on real, historical data, not just theoretical standards. Benchmarking real-time bearing performance, across several connected machines in the same factory setting, gives additional insights. Through SKF’s engineering expertise and knowledge of spindles, lubrication systems and sealing solutions, this can lead to improved spindle performance, increased uptime and optimized inventory management.

Davide Giordana, Director, Machine Tool Industry at SKF, says: “The value of digitalization and automation within manufacturing lies in the insights it creates for machine owners and operators. By giving end-users real-time insights into the performance of their spindles using bearing trend development and diagnostics, we can help them make better decisions about maintenance. Simply put, this enables higher and more reliable performance.

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