SKF Training Solutions upskill key customer’s maintenance teams


SKF Training Solutions' bearing mounting & dismounting best practice course upskills thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions SA maintenance teams

The SKF Training Solutions Department recently upskilled the maintenance team of key customer, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa, through the presentation of a customised training course on bearing mounting and dismounting best practice procedures.

Armed with this necessary skillset, the thyssenkrupp maintenance team is now able to carry out equipment repairs faster with less rework required. In addition to financial savings, a quicker repair turnaround time enables thyssenkrupp to keep their customers’ downtime to a minimum.

SKF Training Solutions’ bearing mounting & dismounting best practice course upskills thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions SA maintenance teams

A total of 33 thyssenkrupp maintenance team members attended the practical training course. SKF Training Solutions Manager, Gail Taylor, explains that due to the high number of people enrolled, they decided to customise the course, addressing only those bearings applicable to thyssenkrupp equipment. “To further streamline the training course for our customer, we decided to split the team into eight groups and conduct the training sessions over a two-day period.”

The training took place at the thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa Training Academy at their Service Centre in Chloorkop, Kempton Park, and included the demonstration of various best practice bearing mounting and dismounting methods. The attendees were then required to replicate the demonstrations. This comprised the fitting and removal of a bearing, first on a tapered journal using a hydraulic nut and oil injection, then on an adaptor sleeve by way of hydraulic means and finally, the attendees were required to fit and remove a bearing on a withdrawal sleeve.

Taylor confirms that the training course was a great success and that they received positive feedback from the attendees. “They also complimented SKF’s innovative bearing mounting and dismounting tools which facilitated some of the tasks required of them during the training,” concludes Taylor. 


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