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Skyriders assists Diesel Innovations with genset project at Helen Joseph

Rope-access specialist Skyriders assisted leading standby power solutions provider Diesel Innovations with the installation of ducting required for a genset project at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg.

The project called for a large exhaust pipe from the ground installation up to the roof of the building, explains Skyriders Marketing Manager Mike Zinn. The 12 m ducting was 350 mm in diameter, and had to be installed in quite a constrained space. This meant that rope access was the ideal solution as opposed to scaffolding, which takes time to set-up and is also more costly and involves more manpower.

“Rope access was definitely the best option to install this ducting,” comments Zinn. The three-person Skyriders team simply rigged the ropes required in order to abseil down from the roof. They then brought up the ducting in sections, and installed saddle brackets in order to secure it properly.

The one-day project was completed successfully in the first week of June. As an essential service provider during the lockdown, Skyriders had the necessary certification and protocols in place to ensure an uninterrupted service to its key customers during this period.

“This project was a perfect example of the benefits and advantages of rapid rigging and derigging,” highlights Zinn. Skyriders also carried out a preliminary risk assessment for the project, as well as completing all of the necessary documentation.

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