Skyriders offers on-site work-at-height and confined-space training

Rope-access specialist Skyriders, which also operates the Heightwise Training Academy in Midrand, recently conducted a basic fall-arrest course on-site for the Idwala Industrial Holdings lime-processing plant in Vereeniging for workers involved in general maintenance work. This proved an ideal solution for the client’s specific training requirements, as Skyriders was able to incorporate a practical component as well.

The initial request from the client was for Skyriders to dispatch two senior Level 3 technicians to conduct a work-at-height and confined-space audit on-site, followed by a report detailing any recommendations, explains Marketing Manager Mike Zinn.

Rope-access specialist Skyriders operates the Heightwise Training Academy in Midrand

“Essentially what we did was go through the entire facility and identify any areas where work-at-height or confined-space access was involved, and come up with suitable best practice recommendations with regard to procedures, equipment and training proposals to best upskill workers,” elaborates Zinn. The audit focused not only on identifying any areas posing a cause for concern or potential danger to workers, but what training would be necessary to mitigate the associated risk, and also the equipment needed.

Upon consultation with the client, it was decided that the most effective and practical means of presenting this training was for Skyriders to send an assessor and trainer directly to site. The training itself was presented in full compliance with Covid-19 regulations pertaining to social-distancing measures, sanitising and mask-wearing.

“In fact, for us to send a two-person training team directly to site is a far better solution in terms of Covid-19 compliance, as it means that the client’s workers do not have to travel to a remote training venue, which would expose them to additional risk. As an essential service provider since the first hard lockdown, we also have all of the necessary certifications and protocols in place. This gives the client added peace of mind that their training requirements are being met in this difficult time,” highlights Zinn.

The success of the training initiative has meant that Skyriders is looking to offer on-site training as a particular value-added service for its diverse client base. “As long as the client has a suitable venue for the theoretical component and tall enough structures that allow for safe work-at-height training, we will gladly be able to carry this out on-site,” concludes Zinn.


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