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Skyriders oversees snagging at new silo for coal-mining company

When a major coal-mining company in Limpopo built a new silo as part of its ongoing expansion, Skyriders (Pty) Ltd. became involved upfront in specifying the type of rope-access anchors needed for future inspection and maintenance. This also allowed Skyriders to assist with the final snagging process of the new silo before official handover to the client.

Snagging involves identifying any final improvements or modifications needed. The process is particularly important with such a massive structure, with the coal silo topping out at a height of 30 m. At the time of snagging, all the traditional means of access required for the construction phase had already been dismantled, Skyriders Marketing Manager Mike Zinn points out.

Skyriders offers turnkey access and maintenance solutions for major industrial structures

“To rebuild that scaffolding solely for the snagging process would have been prohibitively expensive and time-consuming,” Zinn highlights. However, due to the foresight of the client in incorporating rope-access anchor points in the original design, Skyriders was able to dispatch a four-person specialist team for the fast-track week-long project.

In terms of the snagging itself, Skyriders’ scope of work involved removing some concrete shuttering, and the installation of additional access anchors and minor concrete remedial finishing tasks. “The project team did an exemplary job of demonstrating our skill set, and how we can always come up with a solution for any specific client requirements,” Zinn comments.

Skyriders’ holistic approach to access and maintenance generally translates into a 20% to 25% budget saving for its clients, in addition to benefits such as enhanced health and safety and guaranteed quality of any work undertaken. It offers turnkey access and maintenance solutions for major industrial structures as diverse as smokestacks, silos, and storage tanks.

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