SMART is the position of The Future

As digitisation revolutionises the face of automation and manufacturing as we know it, or would the better term be ‘knew it’?? Considering the enormous leaps technology has taken over the past year alone, it has certainly changed a great deal to manufacturing’s humble beginning.

SMC Corporation have always identified with the term ‘keep moving forward’. It is not only a nice collection of 3 words, but rather an ethos that is echoed throughout our company, and the heartbeat of our industry.  Our Research and Development team work diligently to bring us the most up to date and industry relevant component available to market, at any given time.

Achieving considerable success with our Electro-Pneumatic positioners, the R&D team were challenged with a new project, to improve on an already great, existing component. It is here that the SMC SMART Positioner was born.

Our SMART Positioners have been designed to pair perfectly with process control valves and actuators, of which we have 2 versions in our range, namely;

  • Linear, which generally pairs with the diaphragm control valve* IP8001 series
  • Rotary, for valves with oscillating or quarter turn actuators * IP8101 series

Each positioner serves as a source of pneumatic actuating pressure, and as a feedback device for the real time actuator position and valve shut off.

The driving design concept behind the ‘SMART’ positioner, is the ability to do much more than to simply control the position of the valve. It enables the user to collect data about the functionality of the valve and assembly performance, automatically alerting the user, enabling faster response time. In addition, it has the capability to aid in diagnostics and improve maintenance by means of a built-in microcomputer.

Modelling an LCD window, gives a visual representation of the real time status of the positioner and the incorporation of an internal button allows for easier calibration of the positioner.


Incorporating the HART transmission function, makes monitoring easier by allowing remote handling and setting change of the positioner.

New Smart Positioner

Series IP8001/8101 added

Built-in microcomputer and sensor allow easy remote parameter change and monitoring.

  • Internal push button for easy setting of various parameters (Refer to parameter list)
  • Zero point/span adjustment easier than with previous mechanical positioners

SMC SMART positioners are the perfect fit for you as they can be used in most industries, Paper & Pulp, Food and Beverage or Water and Waste Water Treatment Industry, to name but a few.

**Data analytics are driving the digital factory movement, as they aid in assisting companies by making smarter operational decisions. Ability to gain a clear understanding of the internal functionality of the factory, as well as the intelligent use of the gathered information, it will prove as a ‘must have’ in order to keep the competitive edge.

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For more information relating to smart positioners please contact SMC Corporation South Africa at 010 900 1233,

Andy Banks