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Sugar mills opt for complete drive solutions to boost efficiencies and cut costs

The importance of the sugar industry in KwaZulu-Natal to SEW-EURODRIVE (Pty) Ltd. as a key growth area for its complete drive solutions will be underscored when it exhibits at the 92nd congress of the South African Sugar Technologists’ Association (SASTA) from 20 to 22 August at the International Convention Centre in Durban.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will use the 2019 SASTA Congress as a platform to showcase its robust drive engineering solutions, which are ideal for sugar production, according to KwaZulu-Natal Branch Manager Clive O’Reilly. Its geared motors are ideal for horizontal crystallisers, filters, clarifiers, conveyors, batch pans and mixers, and packaging.

An extremely challenging production process is required to turn the harvested product, sugar cane or sugar beets, into finely granulated sugar. The main component of any sugar factory, no matter where it is located globally, is the sugar mill. During the harvest period, these run 24/7 for several months. The only opportunity for any maintenance or upgrade that is required is during the off-crop season.

Sugar mills in particular present a harsh environment that requires highly robust and reliable drive solutions that can easily generate a nominal torque of up to 1. 9 million Nm. Typical applications for these large gear units are rotary kilns and segmented girth gears, large agitators, extruders, and crane technology, among others.

“There is a significant growth opportunity for us in this sector, especially as the sugar industry standardises on tailored drive packages and complete system solutions to optimise efficiencies and reduce costs. Here we have the necessary application knowledge and experience to be able to assist sugar mills,” O’Reilly concludes.

The premier event for the sugar industry, the 2019 SASTA Congress will provide a platform for the latest sugar-cane research and innovations. An accompanying trade exhibition allows key suppliers such as SEW-EURODRIVE (Pty) Ltd. to engage with the sugar industry and present its full service and product offering.


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