Surface miners seek full engagement of suppliers

Surface mining association, Aspasa, has called on suppliers of the industry and those who make use of its products to become more involved and assist in the shaping of the industry to meet future challenges.

“We want to be proactive and ensure everybody in the surface mining value chain is directly involved in shaping the industry of tomorrow. As an industry we obviously rely heavily on suppliers and want to encourage healthy two-way cooperation that can improve and support our members’ efforts,” says director, Nico Pienaar.

The importance of this type of cooperation has recently been illustrated with legislation surrounding proximity detection systems (PDS) that has been legislated and will be required on new equipment supplied to mines on trackless mobile machines. In this instance Aspasa worked closely with authorities and industry experts in conjunction with equipment suppliers and technology developers to formulate a strategy for small and medium sized surface miners.

“This has given rise to a sector-specific strategy that is acceptable to all parties concerned and in time to meet authorities’ looming deadlines. However, there are many more instances where we can use the expertise and assistance of suppliers and end uses in the form of establishing best practices, training of members, advisory services and compliance.

“In order to integrate effectively with our association, we recommend joining as an associate member in order to gain the benefit of directly interacting and addressing the members through our regional and national networks. Associate members will also be given the opportunity to host events in their fields of expertise to further awareness among members.

“Aspasa represents surface mines and quarries, rock dumps, aggregate and sand producers, mobile crushing and recycling, ash & coal, granite, clay brick and other mining operations. It works within the confines of all legislation and upholds section 21 of the Mine Health and Safety Act and the Consumer Protection Act which requires suppliers to the mining industry to comply,” says Nico.

With Aspasa’s outstanding reputation and identity, small and medium surface mines, as well as industry suppliers and contractors, are encouraged to join the association and gain practical assistance on all issues facing the industry at an affordable cost. It also gives companies access to the many communications platforms of the association and allow direct interfaces with members and within the surface mining sector. The association also enjoys high standing within the mining tripartite which also gives individual companies a strong voice within the industry.

To find out more or to become an associate member of Aspasa contact the office on (011) 791 3327 or email or web

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