Media Savvy

To whom it may concern,

We have been dealing with African Petrochemicals for a number of years, with regards to our clients needs for advertising as well as getting their media releases out there, they are professional and friendly, nothing is ever too much for them to handle, always coming up with brilliant ideas – thinking out of the box, they are an amazing team, always going the extra mile trying to assist, and always very approachable.

Their services have assisted our client tremendously with the following:

  • Web placements
  • E-Powerline Newsletter – gives the readers weekly industry updates
  • Daily industry uploads of press releases
  • They are very strong on the social media platforms and always striving to be better

African Petrochemicals are a team of expertise that actually care about their brand as well as the clients brands in targeting the right clientele through the use of their print, digital and social media platforms.

We supply Media releases and our client is always happy and makes sure they support such an awesome and professional team like African Petrochemicals, they are normally the first on the list when our clients ask us to get the media plans ready for the next years advertising planning which talks for itself.

Kind Regards

Lynn Malcolm

Account / Advertising Manager

Media Savvy


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