The Blinds Syndicate and Upat celebrate a 33-year partnership

Established in 1996, the Blinds Syndicate of Durban is one of the longest users of Upat products to date, as well as one of the earliest adopters of the latest technology. Producing customised blinds and shutters under its main Luminos brand, the company prides itself on being a leading innovator in the industry.

The main Upat products used by the Blinds Syndicate are fischer SX Nylon Plugs, raw bolts, hollow-wall fixings, and the latest DuoPower nylon expansion fixing plugs. “We were the first-ever Upat customer to order stainless steel nail plugs in bulk, and have effectively been a customer for the past 33 years,” Blinds Syndicate Managing Director Ridwan Peer comments.

Priding itself on its customised blind and shutter solutions, the Blinds Syndicate provides some of the most advanced bespoke systems in the industry. A major contributor to this is the highly-engineered technology from leading supplier Upat, a local distributor of premium brands such as fischer fixing systems, Stabila measuring technology, and Milwaukee power tools.


The main Upat products used by the Blinds Syndicate are fischer SX Nylon Plugs raw bolts and hollow-wall fixings 

“My long-standing relationship with Upat extends to the initial 23-year-old business I was involved with in conjunction with my father, where we used stainless steel nail plugs. When I started my own business 15 years ago, I decided to only use the highest-quality fixings available from Upat. This is a philosophy that has been carried over to our own dealer network,” Peer explains.

While cheaper imported fixings are readily abundant, these often compromise on quality and safety. This is particularly important with external blind and shutter installations, where it is critical to use heavy-duty, non-corrosive fixing solutions only.

In addition, the Blinds Syndicate has access to both aftermarket support and technical back-up from Upat. “We do not only receive advice based on Upat’s extensive experience, but the fact that solutions like fischer are laboratory-tested mean that the performance of the products are underwritten by facts. It is a highly professional approach on behalf of Upat, and has stood us in good stead over the years,” Peer elaborates.

Upat also hosts a fitters’ training workshop on a bi-yearly basis, where it introduces the latest technology and product developments, as well as elaborating on correct installation procedures, and how to ensure the correct fixing is selected to optimise an application.

“When DuoPower was launched by Upat, we were one of the first South African customers to apply these new nylon expansion fixing plugs. We had our samples even before Upat received its initial stock consignment. We used it internally with great success, and began to roll it out to our dealers as well, as our high-end blinds and shutters depend on the best fixings available on the market today,” Peer concludes.

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