thyssenkrupp unveils ground-breaking technology solutions at Mining Indaba 2019

Aligning with Industry 4.0 is no longer optional for the mining industry. Companies are urged to embrace digitalisation and automation for the critical goal to enhance sustainability, productivity and profitability. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa, a market leading engineering company,  unveiled its latest technology and digital solutions at an exclusive press conference on 07 February 2019 in Cape Town, during the coveted Mining Indaba 2019.

Aligning with Industry 4.0 is no longer optional for the mining industry. Companies are urged to embrace digitalisation and automation for the critical goal to enhance sustainability, productivity and profitability. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South

thyssenkrupp Eccentric Roll Crusher

“thyssenkrupp has been a trusted supplier of premium quality products and services to the Sub-Sahara African mining industry for decades,” states Philipp Nellessen, CEO of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Sub Sahara Africa. “In order to keep up with the evolving market, we have placed Industry 4.0 at the crux of operations which will in turn be to the ultimate benefit of our customers.

The company’s Minerals Processing division which concentrates on comminution also boasts one of the largest crushing and grinding technology portfolios, which are customised to customers’ plant process requirements. The division recently launched two new innovations; Eccentric Roll Crusher (ERC) and online monitoring of the High-Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR).

Equipped with state-of-the-art features, the new Eccentric Roll Crusher delivers a large throughput and application in hardrock mining as well as a small footprint that is perfectly suited for under- ground crushing applications. “We are excited to have sold our first units and we look forward to receiving feedback from our customers,” comments Wilfred Barkhuizen General Manager of Minerals Processing and Energy & Sugar at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa.

Based on over three decades of proven grinding technology, thyssenkrupp has enhanced the HPGR through the development of several innovative process enhancements and application. The HPGR application ensures improved process efficiency and optimised power usage. The machine’s dry grinding technology assists customers in optimising water consumption and in reducing total overall cost of ownership. With these new developments, it is now possible to monitor HPGR performance remotely including continuous wear measurement and notifications of stud breakage.

“We have been intricately involved in the process design and optimisation of various mines in

the region,” continues Barkhuizen. “We utilise our process expertise and unique in-house test facilities to

assist customers make their projects feasible during the planning stages, and later to ensure the process warranties when we transfer the plant.”

thyssenkrupp’s Materials Handling division caters to customers from pit-to-port. “Our division is perfectly positioned to offer state-of-the-art technology and system design products for efficient bulk handling solutions,” states Jacques Steyn, General Manager of Materials Handling at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa. “Our all-inclusive range of bulk materials handling equipment includes bucket wheel excavators, crushers, feeders, overland and plant conveyors, stackers, reclaimers, transfer cars, as well as trains and ship loading and unloading systems.”

Shifting focus to its world-class conveyor belt technology, the division’s most recent innovation, the Mega Pipe, was developed in collaboration with a key supplier and business partner. The Mega Pipe effectively enables the transportation of material out of a mine pit at 35 to 45 degree incline angles. “The ability to escape a pit at such high angles greatly minimises belt length and enables customers to use routes that are not used by other equipment,” notes Steyn. “It also supports the push of mining companies to reduce CO2  emissions by replacing the previously required mining trucks,” adds Steyn.

thyssenkrupp’s latest innovations also extend into the Energy and Sugar division, which smartly encompass digitalisation for enhanced sustainability. The biomass and cold cyclone circular fluidised bed combustion technology focuses on efficiency, while the sugar technology brings operating cost down. When it comes to chemicals, the company is focused on clean carbon to chemical that minimises carbon footprints.

“Our significant and on-going investment into research and development (R&D) continues to produce innovative design improvements in the digitalisation and automation space,” notes Nellessen. “These improvements serve to enhance the capabilities and performance of our products, enabling our equipment to be more efficient with the added advantage of reducing environmental impact.”

Placing key focus on the African continent, thyssenkrupp endeavours to introduce technologies from its global network into Africa and combine these with solid local knowledge and expertise. The company will continue its growth track by further expanding into the continent. thyssenkrupp aims to be able to deliver high-end plant solutions to customers, regardless of their location, in a fast and efficient manner. This goal will only be possible if thyssenkrupp is close to customers i.e. working through its local offices and distributors.

Currently the company has three offices in the southern region; South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia which assist in the delivery of products, technology and services to customers. thyssenkrupp’s  offices in Ghana and Nigeria provide support with their strong presence in the western and northern regions of Africa. In line with thyssenkrupp’s customer-centricity, the company also offers financial engineering solutions, rounding off its turnkey equipment and technology portfolio.

Nellessen attributes thyssenkrupp’s success on the exceptional skills of its employees. “The company not only develops its people, but also the community. We develop exceptional skills in Africa for Africa.” Adhering to these sentiments, thyssenkrupp recently launched a Technical Training Academy at its Service Centre in Chloorkop, Johannesburg. The Academy will be used to teach and train employees in the technical fields. Renowned for its 24/7 service capabilities, the Service Centre specialises in engineering and the refurbishment of OEM parts and components, in the fields of crushing, grinding, pyro-processing and handling of raw materials.

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