Turck Banner- S15C In-Line Converters

turck-banner-s15c in-line-converters

Key Benefits

Bring more operations online

Are you using IO-Link to enable OEE analytics yet still have remote pockets where critical equipment should be continuously monitored during operations? We can help.

The Banner S15C Modbus to IO-Link converters can be used at the end of a Modbus communication line, very near the IO-Link Master. Now, the 20-meter IO-Link communication line constraint is not a factor. The S15C converters make it easy to deploy both existing and new sensors to access the data that is vital to OEE initiatives. Additional converter benefits include remote configuration and more efficient sensor replacements when needed.

turck-banner-s15c in-line-converters

Models for modbus and Analog sensors

The 8 new models of the S15C Series of In-Line Converters were designed to easily re-deploy your existing Modbus and analog sensors as IO-Link devices. There are six Modbus to IO-Link converters that can be used with Banner’s line of Modbus sensors including Vibration/Temperature, Temperature/Humidity, Ultrasonic, Measuring Light Curtain, and GPS.  There is also a configurable generic converter that permits almost any Modbus device to be deployed as an IO-Link device. The two analog sensor models will convert 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10 V dc signals to their digital values and recast them as IO-Link data.

Small, Rugged housing for easy installation

The S15C converters are designed to plug directly into a sensor and begin operating immediately. The small, 15mm tubular design and M12 connectivity enables easy installation in tight, space-constrained deployments. The converter also uses the same power supply as the sensor, keeping wiring simple. Rugged, over-molded IP68 housing ensures reliable performance even in harsh manufacturing environments.


These converters are used where IO-Link systems are being added to existing production lines or processes for OEE initiatives or where the digital value of the analog sensor needs to be communicated via IO-Link, such as:

  • Condition monitoring
  • OEE initiatives
  • Remote monitoring
  • IO-Link systems


Modbus Sensor-Specific and Generic Converter Models

  • S15C- MVT-KQ                  Vibration/Temperature
  • S15C- MTH-KQ                  Temperature/Humidity                
  • S15C- MGP-KQ                  GPS
  • S15C- MUL-KQ                  K50 Ultrasonic
  • S15C- MEZ-KQ                  EZ-Array Series Measuring Light Curtain
  • S15C- MGN-KQ                 Generic – Configurable

S15C Analog to IO-Link:

  • S15C-U-KQ                          0 to 10VDC
  • S15C-I-KQ                            4 to 20 mA

For more info, please visit: www.turckbanner.co.za/

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