Ultra Stable Oil-Dielectric RF Termination Loads

For maximum process repeatability and consistency, modern plasma applications require precise RF power regulation and control. A key component in ensuring accurate and repeatable RF power delivery to the chamber is calibration, regulation & monitoring of the RF generator.

COMTEST local representative of Bird Technologies, provider of RF components, subsystems and test equipment – now offers ultra-stable, low VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) loads for quick and precise measurement of generator power output when used with precision power sensors such as the Bird 4020 series. Bird models 8865SC13, 8890-300SC13, 8921SC13 and 8931 SC models not only provide low VSWR but also less than 0.1 dB total change in VSWR at process critical frequencies. There is no need for load warm-up or risk of repeatability due to calibration for different lengths of time. This can minimize the errors associated with this calibration and control one of the more critical process variables. Contact COMTEST for more information on the Bird 4020 series of precision power sensors on 010 595 1821 or sales@comtest.co.za

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