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In the current economic climate, with projects needing to reduce costs wherever possible, there may be a very real danger that inferior quality products will be used. This can obviously have a detrimental effect on safety.

National technical sales consultant at Andrew Mentis, Lance Quinlan says this is especially critical when it comes to floor grating that is being used as access platforms.

“Mentis floor grating is engineered to take specific loading to ensure optimum safety of the people walking on or working in those areas and an inferior quality product may well look identical,” Quinlan says. “With no apparent physical difference, specifiers may allow the use of the cheaper product, but it is only after it has been installed and in use for some time that the danger of its reduced load bearing capacity will become apparent.”

Quinlan says there is an urgent need to educate the market about this problem.


Andrew Mentis has built its reputation for quality on the adherence to strict manufacturing principles.

One of the major differentiators that Andrew Mentis flooring products offer is they are subjected to an extensive quality manufacturing process. “We do not compromise on quality, which means that under no circumstances are we prepared to cut corners. Apart from the strict controls we manufacture the products under, we have standardised on SAE 1008 which ensures consistency and also prevents damage to our machines.”

Quinlan explains that two of the other product lines the company manufactures – expanded metal and handrailings – are also subject to the same strict criteria. “These are both products used for safety purposes. Safety continues to come under the microscope in industry and, especially where handrailing is used the difference between a shoddily made product and one with superior strength and durability characteristics is a telling one should it fail.


Mentis floor grating is engineered to take specific loading to ensure optimum safety.

“It is a known fact that falls from height are one of the biggest causes of serious injury or even loss of life, and handrailings are intended to keep workers safe in the workplace, not add to the problem,” he says.

“With regard to our expanded metal products we are non-negotiable on the finished quality of the product and so once again only SAE 1008 mild steel is used.

Andrew Mentis has built its reputation for quality on the adherence to strict manufacturing principles and this factor, together with its active partnering with customers to deliver tailored solutions, has carried it through tough times.

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