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Formulated and manufactured for glass-to-glass repairs or projects, Pratley UV Bond is a single-part, crystal-clear glass adhesive that cures in direct sunlight or under a UV light or torch. Being the only crystal-clear DIY glass adhesive on the market, sales of Pratley UV Bond have increased significantly since its launch in 2013, explains Pratley National Sales Manager Mark Bell.

Ideal for repairing broken wine glass stems and glass ornaments and the like, it is also a great product for making glass trophies. Pratley UV Bond cures absolutely crystal clear in direct sunlight in about five seconds and achieves full strength and cure within five minutes.


UV Bond is part of an extensive Pratley adhesive range aimed at the DIY and arts-and-crafts market, which is a key growth area for the company. “Our adhesives and other products are well-known to the hobbyist and are used in everything from jewellery making to model aircraft construction, sculpting and decoupage,” highlights Bell.

Pratley UV Bond is recommended for transparent, well-matched surfaces or substrates. It is not recommended for gap-filling or coating. The first step is to ensure that the surfaces are clean, dry and oil- and grease-free.

It is best that one does not work in direct sunlight to prevent the adhesive curing before the surfaces have been bonded. Application of the UV Bond is an easy process. Simply apply the adhesive to one surface. Bring the two surfaces together and then expose it to UV light or direct sunlight.

“UV Bond is a unique product that has achieved great success in the market,” points out Bell. He adds that Pratley is constantly investigating new or additional applications for its product range, and Pratley UV Bond is no exception. “The DIY construction of glass trophies is an excellent example of a niche application,” he concludes.

To find out about more interesting products, applications and video tutorials and instructions, visit https://youtube.com/PratleySA


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