Vacuuming on another level with new Goscor 30UR upright vacuum

Goscor Cleaning Equipment has launched its Goscor 3OUR, an upright vacuum that changes the game in vacuuming with a range of innovative features.   

Latest from leading industrial cleaning equipment solutions provider, Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE), is the Goscor 30UR upright vacuum. The new machine – a culmination of feedback from the cleaning industry and years of innovation and development – ushers in a new era with a range of innovative features. It is ideally suited for commercial office and hospitality applications, particularly within the BSC industry.

Peter Esterhuizen, National Sales Director at GCE, explains that key features include flat operation, easy repair and replacement, the patented Whizzo indicator and its ability to reach high places. The Goscor 30UR can operate completely flat, so cleaners can reach all the hard-to-reach spots such as under furniture, desks, equipment and any other obstacles.

The telescopic wand affords the machine the ability to reach high areas easily and provide an ergonomic way to operate the machine. “The upright vacuum cleaner offers improved ergonomics compared to barrel vacuums, resulting in less operator fatigue,” says Esterhuizen.

Quick disconnect of upper body from the motor deck translates into easy repair and maintenance. The machine also comes with a detachable power cord for convenient storage. Additionally, no technical support is needed in case of replacement.

The patented Whizzo indicator makes a loud high tone when the bag is full or the vacuum is clogged. Additionally, it supplies the motor with cooling air to avoid temperature peaks to limit breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Meanwhile, its high speed agitator (3 000 rpm) in the vacuum head lifts the carpet pile, resulting in deeper cleaning. “Of note is that the machine only weighs in at 8,3 kg, making transportation, storage and operation convenient for the operator. The unit only produces noise levels of only 69 dBA, making it ideal to use even during office hours,” concludes Esterhuizen.

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