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Progress and innovation, high-precision craft, and the passion for research – these values define Anton Paar. Components produced with the highest attention to detail, innovative measuring principles, and well-designed user interfaces represent our standard of quality. For more than 20 years, Anton Paar has provided viscosity measurement solutions for the petroleum industry. Building on our strong technological leadership, the SVM X001 series has once again revolutionized the world of viscometry, utilizing the latest technology to provide the best viscometers on the market.


Kinematic viscometer: SVM series

Exchange all your capillaries for one single unit and save enormous amounts of time and money: the SVM viscometers provide the highest flexibility by covering the entire viscosity, density, and temperature range with a single measurement cell and deliver results in seconds. With SVM you can certify jet fuel, diesel, biodiesel blends, and marine fuels; classify crude oils and determine the VI of your lubricant. Whatever challenge you face, the SVM viscometer is the best solution on the market.


Key features:

  • The SVM smart viscometers comply with a multitude of international standards and product specifications.
  • With SVM you do not need multiple baths and capillaries to measure different samples. SVM covers the entire viscosity, density, and temperature range with one measurement cell, enabling you to measure a wide variety of samples, from jet fuel to wax, without changing the cell.
  • Besides viscosity, you can determine multiple other parameters with SVM within the same run and reduce your workload significantly: kinematic viscosity, density, viscosity index, dynamic viscosity and more
  • It is a stand-alone instrument and all calculations are performed automatically by the integrated PC. The factory-adjusted instrument is ready to use immediately out of the box.
  • SVM helps cut down operational costs as no external cooling is required for measurements down to -20 °C, saving valuable lab space and energy. 

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Contact Anton Paar Southern Africa- Product Manager for Viscometry: Rick Vosloo

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