WorldsView launches leading Topcon laser scanner


WorldsView recently launched Topcon’s leading 3D GLS-2200 laser scanner, a flexible, survey-style solution with user-friendly processing software that reduces lengthy surveying processes into fast workflows. An upgrade from its GLS-2000 predecessor, it has integrated HDR image capture technology that delivers high-quality, colourised 3D point cloud data with reduced noise, across a wide range of applications.

The GLS-2200 is the ideal solution to develop accurate, 3D ‘digital twins’ or detailed digital models of an environment. This means it can be used for both simplified scanning and extensive workflow processes.


Improved image quality

The scanner offers better image quality to capture real-world scenes with varying light ranges and high contrast. It can also produce a sharper and more vivid colour 3D model rendering when using software like Bentley’s Context Capture.

Extensive application abilities

The scanner is flexible, versatile and ideal for construction and infrastructure inspection, road/slope surface measurement, tunnel cross-sections, facilities and maintenance assessment and Building Information Modelling (BIM) applications.

It features eight measuring modes that enable it to overcome various site applications and conditions. One of which allows users to successfully capture dense wet concrete data, and another overcomes the industry challenge of accurately scanning black and shiny surfaces (such as coal mines).

Operators can even scan tunnels/mines for 3D modelling and transfer that data from a safe, remote location, using third-party mobile software control.

Prism scans in three minutes with improved accuracy

A full 360° scan can be completed in under three minutes. The scanner incorporates either prism or circular prism compliant functionality. The prism measurement range during the surveyor-style setup has been doubled to 200 m, which increases the scanner setup area by up to four times. This greatly reduces the need to change target positions, even on larger sites.  

Built-in MAGNET Collage software

Using the all-in-one mass data post-processing software, MAGNET Collage, raw data is converted into a unified point cloud model. The user-friendly software can generate triangulated irregular network (TIN) surfaces, digital elevation models (DEM), volumes, contours and orthophotos.

The software has increased Plane Fit accuracy from 2 mm to 1 mm and enables contractors/surveyors to process data from Topcon reality capture sensors and connect to downstream software like ClearEdge3D Verity.

“When compared to other static scanners on the market, MAGNET Collage offers a faster, simpler and more accurate post-processing method,” says Sunnyboy Moyana, WorldsView Engineering Surveyor and Technical Account Manager (Process, Energy & Mining).

Tackling scanning & workflow processes

The surveyor-style setup synchronises the scanner with the same co-ordinate system as the design file, and software recognises the field workflow to automatically merge individual scans.

With a focus on workflows, the GLS-2200 scanner forms a key part of the scan-to-BIM and construction verification solution, delivering a seamless transition into ClearEdge3D EdgeWise, Verity and Rithm applications. Owing to this, post-processing time is vastly reduced as raw data is quickly and accurately converted into more intuitive and actionable data.

“With its compact design, multi-mode and smart functionality, this lightweight scanner is the ideal solution for any surveying worksite,” concludes Moyana.

The new GLS-2200 laser scanner will be available in southern Africa from 1 July 2021, through WorldsView.


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