Bosch Rexroth Africa supplies custom containerised lubrication dispensing system


Bosch Rexroth Africa recently supplied and installed a custom environmentally friendly and dust-proof lubrication dispensing system for a leading earth-moving equipment supplier. Used in workshop service bays, the solution consists of six oil systems and one coolant dispensing system that provide a safer, cleaner and more efficient lubrication supply during planned maintenance schedules. All these systems are fitted into one six-metre high-cube shipping container.

The containerised lubrication system offers a streamlined, safer and cleaner method to monitor and dispense lubricants, enhancing precision and efficiency in handling lubricants within workshops. In addition to reducing the occurrence of empty containers, the containerised lubrication systems provide dispensing units equipped with meters to manage the amount of lubricant dispensed. Craig Walkden, Business Development Manager, Bosch Rexroth Africa Development, a Bosch Rexroth Africa Group company, commented that the lubrication systems provide assistance in eliminating waste from overfilling and helps with fast effective lubricant replacement during planned maintenance. He points out that the reduction of empty containers is due to the centralised lubrication systems where lubricants can be stored in bulk containers and dispensed through hose reels directly into the units being serviced.

Walkden says that the dispensing units can assist with the depletion of contaminated oils and help the client improve housekeeping standards.

The dispensing and refilling of seven 1 000 L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) will be done using seven pneumatically driven three-quarter inch double diaphragm pumps, each with its own changeover valves and in-line filter. This is achieved via seven, three-quarter inch Cobra NS600 spring retractable hose reels with 15-metre hoses fitted with three-quarter-inch high-volume non-drip oil dispensing nozzles, which is metered through resettable digital flow meters fitted for easy lubricant dispensing. Walkden points out that the airline is fitted with a drop-out particle filter and an airline filter/regulator/lubricator, which is piped up to the pneumatic pumps.

In addition to supplying and installing these systems, the scope of work included modifying the container by removing timber flooring and replacing it with a built-in drip tray covered by grating to form a work platform. It also included the supply and fitting of ventilation equipment and the fabrication of a hinged, lockable hose reel cabinet for easy access to hose reels and flow meters. Storage shelves were installed, and four IP67-rated 220V AC LED working lights were fitted inside the container. 50 mm-wide diamond-grade reflection tape for the full length of the container body was supplied, the container was sand-blasted and painted with a double-coat epoxy paint system. The final colour can be specified by the customer.

“This is the first of many containerised dispensing units,” Walkden says. “This solution can be used across all industries and can be modified to customers’ specifications. We look forward to working with new and existing clients throughout the African continent when rolling out this solution.”


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