IPR (INTEGRATED PUMP RENTAL) Showcases Rental As Answer To Dewatering, Slurry And Sludge

Dewatering specialist IPR will be showcasing the benefits of its rental pump solutions at Electra Mining Africa 2024, backed up by global OEMs including Atlas Copco and Toyo.

Cost effective and agile rental solutions for dewatering will take centre stage at IPR’s (Integrated Pump Rental) exhibition stand at Electra Mining Africa this year, as well as its quality range of slurry and sludge pumping equipment.

“Showcasing our growing range of rental pump dewatering options, we will also be celebrating our partnerships with world leading pump OEMs Atlas Copco and Toyo,” says Lee Vine, Managing Director at IPR. “The past year has seen us grow our formal collaboration with Atlas Copco and the great results are there for all to see.”

Featuring strongly at IPR’s stand will be the range of Atlas Copco diesel self-priming pumps and submersible units, says Vine, which the local market has embraced for its quality and performance. Also on show will be the range of Toyo heavy duty slurry pumps, and IPR’s in-house designed SlurrySucker dredging unit.

“There has never been a better time for mines, industry and other sectors to rent their pumping solutions from IPR,” he explains. “Pump rental allows companies to conserve their capital, and avoid high interest rates when borrowing for equipment purchases. Other key advantages are that customers incur no overhead costs with rental, and can rely on us to keep everything running smoothly.”

Featuring strongly at IPR’s stand will be the range of Atlas Copco diesel self-priming pumps.

Vine emphasises that IPR has continued to grow its fleet in partnership with its OEM partners – whose own experts will be joining IPR’s technical and sales team at the Electra Mining Africa exhibition stand.

Steve du Toit, Sales Manager at IPR, points out that the event remains an important forum to engage with the market face to face – and to share insights and experience to improve customers’ business efficiency.

“Having a selection of our exciting products on the stand, combined with our depth of expertise, helps to facilitate valuable discussions and problem-solving with visitors,” says du Toit. “The presence of our OEM partners reinforces the strength of our partnerships – which benefit the customer through quality, performance and rapid support.”

He also highlights IPR’s in-house design and engineering capability, which underpins its customised solutions for specific challenges that mines face. This capacity is well proven through its pioneering SlurrySucker dredging unit; equipped with a Toyo heavy duty submersible pump, IRP recently upgraded its SlurrySucker to a Mk III model.

“We expect high levels of interest in water management challenges among Electra Mining Africa visitors, as we have seen how regulations are becoming more stringent,” he continues. “As retention ponds silt up over time, for example, mines face a growing risk of spillage which can cause environmental damage. There are similar problems facing wastewater treatment plants and other industrial sectors.”

Vine says that visitors to the exhibition will be impressed by IPR’s range of pumping solutions – with diesel units mainly for remote and opencast sites with no power supply and submersible electrically-powered units for underground and plant applications.

“We welcome visitors bringing their on-site challenges to us,” he says. “With our world class products and OEM partnerships, we have the hardware and experience to know what will work best for them.”

Visit IPR (Integrated Pump Rental) at stand number – YE13

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