Solar on pergolas – SolarSaver innovates a solution for Marriott hotels at Melrose Arch

SolarSaver has completed an innovative solar installation at the Marriott Hotel Melrose Arch and the African Pride Hotel in the prestigious Melrose Arch precinct. Faced with the challenge of limited available roof space for panel installation, SolarSaver collaborated with Melrose Arch developer, The Amdec Group, to find a solution. Robust pergola structures designed to carry the load and accommodate the specific size parameters of the panels were built above the roof structure of each hotel.

Commissioned in October 2023, this project shows flexibility and creativity in renewable energy application for urban developments, demonstrating SolarSaver’s capability to deliver customised solar energy solutions in complex environments. Lance Green of SolarSaver says, “We’re committed to delivering bespoke solar solutions that cater to our clients’ unique needs. By using the purpose-built pergola structures built by Melrose Arch, we’ve found a practical way to overcome space constraints while retaining the aesthetic appeal of the hotel’s outdoor spaces.”

With 1 231.80 kWp, the systems installed on the African Pride and Marriott buildings are expected to significantly reduce the operational costs of the hotels by lowering electricity bills and minimising their carbon footprint. 

The project aligns with the broader sustainability goals of both the Marriott Hotel Group and the Amdec Group, reinforcing their status as leaders in environmental stewardship within the hospitality and commercial sectors. Built on sustainable principles and eco-friendly innovation, including refuse recycling, energy-efficient appliances, water-saving devices, a centralised district cooling facility and advanced building management systems, Melrose Arch’s innovation in sustainability is widely recognised. Maximising alternative energy forms a critical part of the development’s sustainability plans.

The installation at the Marriott Hotel forms part of SolarSaver’s impressive portfolio of 16 systems totalling over 3 281.80 kWp within Melrose Arch. These installations are managed through SolarSaver’s distinctive ‘rent-to-own’ model, where SolarSaver retains ownership and responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the solar PV systems. Clients like Melrose Arch benefit from this arrangement through a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA), paying only for the green energy produced.

The successful completion of this project at Melrose Arch is a testament to SolarSaver’s innovative approach to overcoming obstacles related to space and aesthetics, further establishing the company as a leader in the renewable energy sector in Southern Africa. “We are proud to contribute to the precinct’s renowned sustainability initiatives, further cementing our role in promoting renewable energy adoption across South Africa,” says Green. 

With grid power prices increasing and load shedding causing major disruption, forward-thinking commercial property developers, landlords and retailers are increasingly turning to solar energy. SolarSaver remains at the forefront of the business shift to solar in Southern Africa, providing innovative, cost-effective, managed energy solutions for over 700 operations to date. Customers include companies in the commercial property, retail, hospitality, tourism, manufacturing and petroleum sectors. 

“Growing energy demand, a lack of grid reliability and spiralling costs make energy efficiency and a consistent power supply a real priority as a critical component of overall business profitability,” says Green. “With all our available sunshine, South African businesses can easily be on par with the greenest, most energy efficient buildings around the world.”

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