Steinmüller Africa Won 2022 Arnot Company of the Year Award


Steinmüller Africa Won 2022 Arnot Company of the Year Award

Steinmüller Africa was presented with the 2022 Arnot Company of the Year Award late in 2022. Heinrich Geyser, Manager of Arnot’s Power Station, and Moso Bolofo, Steinmüller Africa Director in charge of boiler services, attended the prestigious event and accepted the award.

General Manager at Arnot Power Station, Marcus Nemadodzi, commended the Steinmüller Africa Arnot-based team for its performance, housekeeping, safety and local community support. Steinmüller Africa was also recognised for the way it conducted itself and how its offices and facilities were consistently kept spotless.

“This award coincides with Steinmüller Africa’s 60-year celebration of customer service and making steam generation work. This accomplishment serves as evidence that anything is possible with a committed team,” said Bolofo.

Geyser expressed his appreciation and honour for having the opportunity to lead such a talented group of individuals, as well as for the help, respect and sense of teamwork that have made this possible. The Steinmüller Africa Arnot team recorded an excess of 2.5 million LWDC-free hours in 2022.


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