The Bova Inherent ARC Flash PPE Range: Setting New Safety Standards in Electrical Environments

Bova, a leading local safety wear manufacturer and a brand under the BBF Safety Group, offers a range of revolutionary BOVA Arc Flash Protection garments. These garments are meticulously designed to provide optimal protection against the hazards of arc flashes while ensuring lightweight, comfort and durability.

An arc flash occurs when electrical energy is suddenly released through the air due to a high-voltage gap and a breakdown between conductors. This release manifests as an explosion with extreme heat, force, noise, and light. Temperatures during an arc flash can soar up to 20,000 ºC, posing a severe risk of fatal burns. However, with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE), the risk of such burns is significantly mitigated.

The Bova ARC range features Beier’s I-ARC fabric, an innovative thermal protection material developed in collaboration with Lenzing, a global leader in inherently Flame Resistant (FR) fibres. The I-ARC fabric endows the Bova Arc range with comfort and inherent FR protection, integrated into the fabric’s composition. Unlike garments treated with chemical FR coatings, inherently FR materials retain their protective qualities throughout the garment’s lifespan. Additionally, these fabrics boast strong abrasion resistance and low shrinkage.

Industries such as power generation and distribution, maintenance, and electrical contracting often underestimate the importance of wearing the right protective garments. Arc flashes are extremely dangerous and can impact individuals up to 7 meters away from the blast. Minimizing exposure to the resultant flames is crucial for survival and reducing injury severity, which is why our garments are designed to self-extinguish as quickly as possible.

Arc-rated garments must self-extinguish within 2 seconds once the flame exposure is removed. While this standard is typically tested under laboratory conditions with new garments, Bova sought to replicate these tests in more practical scenarios. Internal tests were conducted after washing the garments with everyday household detergents that include stain removal properties and caution against washing FR materials. Chemically treated FR fabrics, which are common in many popular arc garments, failed after a number of washes and burned out completely. In contrast, the I-ARC fabric showed no ignition even after 15 washes, highlighting its superior performance.

The most alarming aspect is that wearers might believe they are protected when, in reality, their FR-treated garments have lost their protective capabilities. Inherently FR fabrics provide a significant advantage as long as the garment is visually intact, the wearer remains protected. The FR quality does not diminish over time. Additionally, the Bova range offers unparalleled comfort compared to other inherent FR garments.”

Optimal personal protection and comfort in the workplace is essential, and the Bova ARC range excels in this aspect. The garments offer a superior weight-to-protection ratio, with lighter weights across both Category 2 and Category 4 compared to leading competitors. The fabric’s breathable properties and excellent moisture management ensure that wearers remain cool and dry while enjoying maximum protection.

The Bova ARC Flash PPE range continues to set new benchmarks in safety wear, offering unprecedented protection and comfort in electrical environments.


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