Women from ROMPCO #InspireInclusion on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March is a global celebration that recognises the achievements, contributions, and challenges faced by women worldwide. The theme for IWD 2024 is #InspireInclusion, based on the idea that when we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world. The Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO) showcases two of its exceptional women inspiring inclusion.

Christine Buys
Christine Buys, Chartered Accountant at ROMPCO

Christine Buys, Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant in the finance team, Christine is a specialist in statutory and management reporting. Her role involves preparing the annual financial statements and various monthly and quarterly management reports, in addition to budgeting and forecasting.

“For me, #InspireInclusion simply means seeing the person for who they are and promoting our differences, which can turn out to be our greatest strengths, and not hiding them or wishing them away,” she says. ROMPCO works in cross-border teams, which means diversity across different cultures and genders comes naturally in its day-to-day work environment.

Christine has enjoyed accounting from school. She adds that finance teams are usually stretched thin and have constant deadlines to meet, making it a challenging work environment. “I have reconsidered my career path many times over the years and found that I actually thrive in a structured and deadline-driven environment, and that is what keeps me focused,” comments Christine.

Career highlights to date include being afforded the opportunity to work on projects that break the monotony of day-to day finance tasks. This has ranged from implementing a new financial accounting system and being part of another team that implemented a new accounting standard.

“Pinning down a specific transformation event is not possible; rather it is a continuous process,” says Christine. There are always elements to improve, from one’s career to one’s personal life. “As uncomfortable as change can be, there would no growth without it.”

Zarina Spencer, HR
Zarina Spencer, HR Administrator, Mozambique

Zarina Spencer, HR Administrator, Mozambique

“I enjoy dealing with people, the diversity of cultures and languages, the fact I can adapt to different environments, and seeing women advance in their careers around the world,” says Zarina, a Human Resources Administrator based in Mozambique. Seeing ROMPCO’s transition to independence has been a career highlight, including how far the company has progressed, and the potential it can still leverage.

“Women have crucial responsibilities in society. They can effectively participate in these areas because they possess the necessary skills and abilities. Women must raise awareness of key variables, as well as talents and abilities. Knowing these elements also enables them to overcome any challenges that may arise while carrying out their responsibilities,” says Zarina.

In light of women’s numerous achievements in their fight for workplace autonomy and recognition, and with due patience and perseverance, the employment market has improved. “Everything is a process; one day, we will have a gender-balanced workplace,” says Zarina. “The labour market is changing, and businesses are becoming more cognisant of this. Women are gradually gaining leadership roles in areas that were previously dominated by men.”

For Zarina, the IWD 2024 theme of #InspireInclusion means taking the responsibility of leading various processes aimed at promoting a healthy environment for the people who work there, which calls for sensitivity, and empathy. She adds that IWD 2024 is an opportunity to increase appreciation for women inside the workplace. Inclusion means creating a conducive environment for diversity to thrive. “I hope to see greater female representation in the oil and gas industry,” says Zarina.

Having more women in leadership positions, promoting employee engagement, and improving organisational climate are critical. “Engage employees in topical challenges, such as supporting non-governmental organisations or social projects that benefit women,” urges Zarina.

Diversity and inclusion are important topics that are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. As the market becomes more globalised, diversity at ROMPCO in particular goes beyond respect and acceptance of differences. “With representation, we have more opportunities to stand out and achieve better results. We promote a healthy work environment and encourage the exchange of experiences with different professions,” says Zarina.

ROMPCO is inclusive in a variety of ways, allowing people to pursue the goals that are truly important. “People management is a challenge, and women in HR must do a lot of work to achieve the organisation’s objectives by connecting strategic planning with human capital care,” concludes Zarina.

Website: https://www.rompco.co.za/

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